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Working conditions and mental health of migrants and refugees in Europe considering cultural origin– a systematic review (2024) Herold R, Lieb M, Borho A, Voss A, Unverzagt S, Morawa E, Rothermund E, Erim Y Journal article Machine Learning-assisted immunophenotyping of peripheral blood identifies innate immune cells as best predictor of response to induction chemo-immunotherapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma – knowledge obtained from the CheckRad-CD8 trial (2024) Hecht M, Frey B, Gaipl U, Tianyu X, Eckstein M, Donaubauer AJ, Klautke G, et al. Journal article Effects of tofersen treatment in patients with SOD1-ALS in a “real-world” setting – a 12-month multicenter cohort study from the German early access program (2024) Wiesenfarth M, Dorst J, Brenner D, Elmas Z, Parlak Ö, Uzelac Z, Kandler K, et al. Journal article Discovery of a Novel Antiviral Effect of the Restriction Factor SPOC1 against Human Cytomegalovirus (2024) Kuderna AK, Reichel A, Tillmanns J, Class M, Scherer M, Stamminger T Journal article Long-term safety and effectiveness of canakinumab in patients with monogenic autoinflammatory diseases: results from the interim analysis of the RELIANCE registry (2024) Kuemmerle-Deschner JB, Kallinich T, Henes J, Kortus-Götze B, Oommen PT, Rech J, Krickau T, et al. Journal article, Original article Efficacy, safety, and prognosis prediction in patients treated with ribociclib in combination with letrozole: Final results of phase 3b RIBECCA study in hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 negative, locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer (2024) Fasching P, Decker T, Hartkopf A, Nusch A, Heinrich BJ, Kurbacher C, Fuchs R, et al. Journal article Impact of Systemic Sclerosis-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease With and Without Pulmonary Hypertension on Survival: A Large Cohort Study of the German Network for Systemic Sclerosis (2024) Moinzadeh P, Bonella F, Oberste M, Weliwitage J, Blank N, Riemekasten G, Müller-Ladner U, et al. Journal article Efficacy of Lapatinib in Patients with HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer and HER2-Positive Circulating Tumor Cells - The DETECT III Clinical Trial (2024) Fehm T, Mueller V, Banys-Paluchowski M, Fasching P, Friedl TW, Hartkopf A, Huober J, et al. Journal article Beurteilung und Förderung der arbeitsbezogenen Selbstwirksamkeitserwartung in der Psychotherapie: Ergebnisse einer Sekundäranalyse einer randomisiert-kontrollierten Studie (2024) Hansmann M, Angerer P, Brenner L, Brezinski J, Erim Y, Feisst M, Hander N, et al. Journal article Comparison of Two Contemporary Quantitative Atherosclerotic Plaque Assessment Tools for Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography: Single-Center Analysis and Multi-Center Patient Cohort Validation (2024) Weichsel L, Giesen A, André F, Renker M, Baumann S, Breitbart P, Beer M, et al. Journal article