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Unveiling the Role of BODIPY Dyes as Small-Molecule Hole Transport Material in Inverted Planar Perovskite Solar Cells (2024) Seoneray I, Wu J, Rocha-Ortiz JS, Bornschlegl A, Barabash A, Wang Y, Lüer L, et al. Journal article Corrigendum to “Preparation and characterization of novel poly (lactic acid)/calcium oxide nanocomposites by electrospinning as a potential scaffold for bone tissue engineering” [Biomater. Adv. (2023) 153, 213578] (Biomaterials Advances (2023) 153, (S2772950823003011), (10.1016/j.bioadv.2023.213578)) (2023) Canales D, Moyano D, Alvarez F, Grande-Tovar CD, Valencia-Llano CH, Peponi L, Boccaccini AR, Zapata PA Journal article, Erratum Structure and linkage assessment of T-shaped Pyrrolidine[60]Fullerene- and Isoxazoline[60]Fullerene-BODIPY-triarylamine hybrids (2023) Rocha-Ortiz JS, Montalvo-Acosta JJ, He Y, Insuasty A, Hirsch A, Brabec C, Ortiz A Journal article Enhancing Planar Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells with Innovative Dumbbell-Shaped HTMs: A Study of Hexabenzocoronene and Pyrene-BODIPY-Triarylamine Derivatives (2023) Rocha-Ortiz JS, Wu J, Wenzel J, Bornschlegl A, Perea JD, Leon S, Barabash A, et al. Journal article, Original article Last Generation Solar Cells in Outer Space: A STEM Outreach Project with Middle and High School Students in Colombia (2021) Perea JD, Gasca DC, Echeverry-Prieto G, Quiroga-Fonseca V, Orozco-Donneys C, Díaz-Montealegre LC, Ortiz A, et al. Journal article From discourse to pathology: Automatic identification of Parkinson's disease patients via morphological measures across three languages (2020) Eyigoz E, Courson M, Sedeño L, Rogg K, Orozco-Arroyave JR, Nöth E, Skodda S, et al. Journal article Graphene Oxide Thin Films: Synthesis and Optical Characterization (2020) Prías Barragán JJ, Gross K, Darío Perea J, Killilea NA, Heiß W, Brabec C, Calderón HA, Prieto P Journal article Hybrid Superconducting-Ferromagnetic [Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)(2)Cu3O10](0.99)(La2/3Ba1/3MnO3)(0.01) Composite Thick Films (2019) Ricardo Mejia-Salazar J, Perea JD, Castillo R, Evelio Diosa J, Baca E Journal article On-off switch of charge-separated states of pyridine-vinylene-linked porphyrin-C-60 conjugates detected by EPR (2015) Kirner S, Arteaga D, Henkel C, Margrat JT, Alegret N, Ohkubo K, Insuasty B, et al. Journal article Geometric influence on intramolecular photoinduced electron transfer in platinum(II) acetylide-linked donor-acceptor assemblies (2014) Molina-Ontoria A, Rivera-Nazario DM, Tigreros A, Ortiz A, Nunez JE, Insuasty B, Lüders D, et al. Journal article