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Mobilise-D insights to estimate real-world walking speed in multiple conditions with a wearable device (2024) Kirk C, Küderle A, Micó-Amigo ME, Bonci T, Paraschiv-Ionescu A, Ullrich M, Soltani A, et al. Journal article 3D bioprinting of multifunctional alginate dialdehyde (ADA)–gelatin (GEL) (ADA-GEL) hydrogels incorporating ferulic acid (2024) Bider F, Miola M, Clejanu CE, Götzelmann J, Kuth S, Vernè E, Basu B, Boccaccini AR Journal article Multilayer coatings based on cerium oxide and manganese cobaltite spinel for Crofer22APU SOC interconnects (2024) Zanchi E, Ignaczak J, Cempura G, Molin S, Boccaccini AR, Smeacetto F Journal article Assessing real-world gait with digital technology? Validation, insights and recommendations from the Mobilise-D consortium (2023) Micó-Amigo ME, Bonci T, Paraschiv-Ionescu A, Ullrich M, Kirk C, Soltani A, Küderle A, et al. Journal article Mobility recorded by wearable devices and gold standards: the Mobilise-D procedure for data standardization (2023) Palmerini L, Reggi L, Bonci T, Del Din S, Micó-Amigo ME, Salis F, Bertuletti S, et al. Journal article Laboratory and free-living gait performance in adults with COPD and healthy controls (2023) Buekers J, Megaritis D, Koch S, Alcock L, Ammour N, Becker C, Bertuletti S, et al. Journal article Bending analysis of carbon nanotube coated–fiber multi-scale composite beams using the refined zigzag theory (2023) Malekimoghadam R, Hosseini SA, Icardi U Journal article Poly(ε-caprolactone)/bioactive glass composite electrospun fibers for tissue engineering applications (2023) Piatti E, Miola M, Liverani L, Verné E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Special Issue on Approximate Computing: Challenges, Methodologies, Algorithms, and Architectures for Dependable and Secure Systems (2023) Bosio A, Barbareschi M, Savino A, Han J, Teich J Journal article The Internet of Sounds: Convergent Trends, Insights and Future Directions (2023) Turchet L, Lagrange M, Rottondi C, Fazekas G, Peters N, Ostergaard J, Font F, et al. Journal article