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Transient measurement of phononic states with covariance-based stochastic spectroscopy (2022) Sparapassi G, Cavaletto SM, Tollerud J, Montanaro A, Glerean F, Marciniak A, Giusti F, et al. Journal article Sub-arcsecond imaging with the International LOFAR Telescope: II. Completion of the LOFAR Long-Baseline Calibrator Survey (2022) Jackson N, Badole S, Morgan J, Chhetri R, Prusis K, Nikolajevs A, Morabito L, et al. Journal article Sub-arcsecond imaging with the International LOFAR Telescope I. Foundational calibration strategy and pipeline (2022) Morabito LK, Jackson NJ, Mooney S, Sweijen F, Badole S, Kukreti P, Venkattu D, et al. Journal article Personal health and wellness management with technologies (2021) Bodendorf F, Wickramasinghe N, Ma TH Conference contribution Induced Photon Correlations Through the Overlap of Two Four-Wave Mixing Processes in Integrated Cavities (2020) Zhang Y, Kues M, Roztocki P, Reimer C, Fischer B, Maclellan B, Bisianov A, et al. Journal article Attacks and defences on intelligent connected vehicles: A survey (2020) Dibaei Asl M, Zheng X, Jiang K, Abbas R, Liu S, Zhang Y, Xiang Y, Yu S Journal article An overview of attacks and defences on intelligent connected vehicles (2019) Dibaei Asl M, Zheng X, Jiang K, Maric S, Abbas R, Liu S, Deng Y, et al. Journal article Cyber vulnerability intelligence for internet of things binary (2019) Liu S, Dibaei Asl M, Tai Y, Chen C, Zhang J, Xiang Y Journal article Self-triggered radio detection and identification of cosmic air showers with the OVRO-LWA (2019) Monroe R, Romero Wolf A, Hallinan G, Nelles A, Eastwood M, Anderson M, D'Addario L, et al. Journal article The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts - II. New FRB discoveries and their follow-up (2018) Bhandari S, Keane EF, Barr ED, Jameson A, Petroff E, Johnston S, Bailes M, et al. Journal article
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