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A cell-free, biomimetic hydrogel based on probiotic membrane vesicles ameliorates wound healing (2024) Kuhn T, Aljohmani A, Frank N, Zielke L, Mehanny M, Laschke MW, Koch M, et al. Journal article Severe ulcerative keratopathy following implantation of an acellular porcine corneal stromal lenticule in a patient with keratoconus (2024) Berger T, Schlötzer-Schrehardt U, Flockerzi F, Daas L, Flockerzi E, Seitz B Journal article ORCA-SPY enables killer whale sound source simulation, detection, classification and localization using an integrated deep learning-based segmentation (2023) Hauer C, Nöth E, Barnhill A, Maier A, Guthunz J, Hofer H, Cheng RX, et al. Journal article Introduction StellEMLex 2023: Culture and Dictionaries (2023) Gouws RH, Herbst T, Lobenstein-Reichmann A, Schierholz SJ, Schweickard W Journal article Wagner Ring Dataset: A Complex Opera Scenario for Music Processing and Computational Musicology (2023) Weiß C, Arifi-Müller V, Krause M, Zalkow F, Klauk S, Kleinertz R, Müller M Journal article Rise and fall of entanglement between two qubits in a non-Markovian bath (2023) Roy S, Otto C, Menu R, Morigi G Journal article Positionspapier „Universitäre Karrierewege“ (2023) Staudacher JJ, Backes M, Bettinger D, Blüthner E, Dietz-Fricke C, Dugic A, Fusco S, et al. Journal article Bedeutung von HPV-Status und p16 für die Prognose des Peniskarzinoms (2023) Mink JN, Khalmurzaev O, Pryalukhin A, Hölters S, Geppert CI, Lohse S, Bende K, et al. Journal article carbond: An Operating-System Daemon for Carbon Awareness (2023) Andreas S, Stock G, Ohs R, Gerhorst L, Herzog B, Hoenig T Conference contribution Injection and nucleation of topological defects in the quench dynamics of the Frenkel-Kontorova model (2023) Chelpanova O, Kelly SP, Morigi G, Schmidt-Kaler F, Marino J Journal article