Czech Technical University in Prague / České vysoké učení technické v Praze

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Location: Prag, Czech Republic (CZ) CZ

ISNI: 0000000121738213


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Automatic speech-based assessment to discriminate Parkinson’s disease from essential tremor with a cross-language approach (2024) Rios-Urrego CD, Rusz J, Orozco-Arroyave JR Journal article On Kripke, Vietoris and Hausdorff Polynomial Functors (2023) Adámek J, Milius S, Moss LS Conference contribution Federated learning for secure development of AI models for Parkinson’s disease detection using speech from different languages (2023) Tayebi Arasteh S, Rios-Urrego CD, Nöth E, Maier A, Yang SH, Rusz J, Rafael Orozco-Arroyave J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Automatic Classification of Hypokinetic and Hyperkinetic Dysarthria based on GMM-Supervectors (2023) Rios-Urrego CD, Rusz J, Nöth E, Orozco-Arroyave JR Conference contribution Path Regularity of the Brownian Motion and the Brownian Sheet (2023) Kempka H, Schneider C, Vybiral J Journal article Novel design for acoustic silencers for ducts with flow based on the bound states in the continuum (2023) Hruška V, Krpenský A, Bednar̆ík M, Czwielong F Journal article Magneto-thermal transport indicating enhanced Nernst response in FeCo/IrMn exchange coupled stacks (2022) Martini M, Reichlova H, Lee Y, Dusikova D, Zemen J, Nielsch K, Thomas A Journal article Installationseffekte von Wärmeübertragern auf Axialventilatoren (2022) Czwielong F, Hruška V, Mader T, Becker S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Yade Documentation (3rd ed.) (2021) Smilauer V, Angelidakis V, Catalano E, Caulk R, Chareyre B, Chèvremont W, Dorofeenko S, et al. Authored book, Manual Initial algebras without iteration (2021) Adámek J, Milius S, Moss LS Conference contribution