Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) / 香港科技大學

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Location: Hong Kong, China (CN) CN

ISNI: 0000000419371450

ROR: https://ror.org/00q4vv597

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Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy (2023) Donath A, Terrier R, Remy Q, Sinha A, Nigro C, Pintore F, Khélifi B, et al. Journal article A conformally bonded molecular interface retarded iodine migration for durable perovskite solar cells (2023) Yuan L, Zhu W, Zhang Y, Li Y, Chan CCS, Qin M, Qiu J, et al. Journal article The Liver Tumor Segmentation Benchmark (LiTS) (2023) Bilic P, Christ P, Li HB, Vorontsov E, Ben-Cohen A, Kaissis G, Szeskin A, et al. Journal article A Framework for Transmission Design for Active RIS-Aided Communication with Partial CSI (2023) Zhou G, Pan C, Ren H, Xu D, Zhang Z, Wang J, Schober R Journal article Multi-Objective Optimization for Active IRS-Assisted Communication Systems (2023) Xu D, Yu X, Song S, Kwan Ng DW, Schober R Conference contribution Globally Optimal Resource Allocation Design for IRS-Assisted Multiuser Networks with Discrete Phase Shifts (2023) Wu Y, Xu D, Ng DWK, Schober R, Gerstacker W Conference contribution A novel study on the sandwich-structure strain sensor using ethylene-vinyl acetate-based hot-melt adhesive mesh web: Fabrication, properties, and modeling (2022) Qu M, Fang J, Mu C, Li Y, Huang S, Han L, Hiemer S, et al. Journal article Best practices for reporting throughput in biomedical research (2022) Herbig M, Isozaki A, Di Carlo D, Guck J, Nitta N, Damoiseaux R, Kamikawaji S, et al. Journal article Channel Estimation for IRS-Assisted Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems: Sparsity-Inspired Approaches (2022) Lin T, Yu X, Zhu Y, Schober R Journal article Optimal Resource Allocation Design for Large IRS-Assisted SWIPT Systems: A Scalable Optimization Framework (2022) Xu D, Jamali V, Yu X, Ng DWK, Schober R Journal article
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