Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH)

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Location: Regensburg, Germany (DE) DE

ISNI: 000000011354569X

ROR: https://ror.org/04b9vrm74

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Corrosion behaviour of electropolished magnesium materials (2024) Kloiber J, Schultheiß U, Sotelo L, Sarau G, Christiansen S, Gavras S, Hort N, Hornberger H Journal article Enhanced 5G Sidelink Ranging Based on Carrier Aggregation (2023) Rasp F, Eberlein E, Perner B, Roth-Mandutz E, Hipp S Conference contribution Luminance Simulation in CARLA under Cloud Coverage - Model Validation and Implications (2023) Ulreich F, Moser E, Olbrich F, Ebert M, Bierl R, Kaup A Conference contribution The Market Ramp-Up of Renewable Hydrogen and its Derivatives - the Role of H2Global (2023) Bauer F, Bollerhey T, Egerer J, Erdmann MC, Exenberger M, Geyer F, Grimm V, et al. Other publication type Optical Coherence Tomography for 3D Weld Seam Localization in Absorber-Free Laser Transmission Welding (2022) Maiwald F, Roider C, Schmidt M, Hierl S Journal article Bioactivity and corrosion behavior of magnesium barrier membranes (2022) Hornberger H, Kissel H, Striegl B, Kronseder M, Vollnhals F, Christiansen S Journal article Learning the shape of female breasts: an open-access 3D statistical shape model of the female breast built from 110 breast scans (2022) Weiherer M, Eigenberger A, Egger B, Brébant V, Prantl L, Palm C Journal article Results of WICOVIR Gargle Pool PCR Testing in German Schools Based on the First 100,000 Tests (2021) Kheiroddin P, Schoeberl P, Althammer M, Cibali E, Wuerfel T, Wein H, Kulawik B, et al. Journal article Optimized biological CO2-methanation with a pure culture of thermophilic methanogenic archaea in a trickle-bed reactor. (2021) Thema M, Weidlich T, Kaul A, Böllmann A, Huber H, Bellack A, Karl J, Sterner M Journal article „Kein Rosa kein Chichi“ – zum Selbstverständnis männlicher Dienstleister im Schönheitssektor (2021) Liebold R, Ettl K Book chapter / Article in edited volumes
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