National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAN) / Національна академія наук України

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Location: Kiev / Kyiv / Київ, Ukraine (UA) UA

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Synthesis and photophysical properties of indolenine styrylcyanine dye and its carboxyl-labeled derivative (2023) Chernii S, Selin R, Tretyakova I, Dovbiy Y, Pekhnyo V, Rotaru A, Chernii V, et al. Journal article Single Crystalline Films of Ce3+-Doped Y3MgxSiyAl5−x−yO12 Garnets: Crystallization, Optical, and Photocurrent Properties (2023) Gorbenko V, Zorenko T, Shakhno A, Popielarski P, Osvet A, Batentschuk M, Fedorov A, et al. Journal article Palaeogenomic analysis of black rat (Rattus rattus) reveals multiple European introductions associated with human economic history (2022) Yu H, Jamieson A, Hulme-Beaman A, Conroy CJ, Knight B, Speller C, Al-Jarah H, et al. Journal article Cs2AgxNa1-xBiyIn1-yCl6 perovskites approaching photoluminescence quantum yields of 100% (2022) Stroyuk O, Raievska O, Barabash A, Kupfer C, Osvet A, Dzhagan V, Zahn DRT, et al. Journal article Self-assembly of colloidal single-layer carbon nitride (2022) Stroyuk O, Raievska O, Brabec C, Dzhagan V, Havryliuk Y, Zahn DRT Journal article Trimethine Cyanine Dyes as NA-Sensitive Probes for Visualization of Cell Compartments in Fluorescence Microscopy (2022) Aristova D, Selin R, Heil HS, Kosach V, Slominsky Y, Yarmoluk S, Pekhnyo V, et al. Journal article Monomethine cyanine probes for visualization of cellular RNA by fluorescence microscopy (2021) Aristova D, Kosach V, Chernii S, Slominsky Y, Balanda A, Filonenko V, Yarmoluk S, et al. Journal article Fluorescein-labeled derivative for study of cytotoxicity mechanism of iron (II) clathrochelates (2021) Selin R, Klemt I, Chernii V, Kovalska V, Mokhir A Conference contribution Dating the last Middle Palaeolithic of the Crimean Peninsula: New hydroxyproline AMS dates from the site of Kabazi II (2021) Spindler L, Comeskey D, Chabai V, Uthmeier T, Buckley M, Devièse T, Higham T Journal article Multifunctional magneto-plasmonic fe3o4/au nanocomposites: Approaching magnetophoretically-enhanced photothermal therapy (2021) Mukha I, Chepurna O, Vityuk N, Khodko A, Storozhuk L, Dzhagan V, Zahn DRT, et al. Journal article