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More than the Name of the Rose (2023) van Erp M, Tullett W, Christlein V, Ehrhart T, Hürriyetoğlu A, Leemans I, Lisena P, et al. Journal article MUSTI - Multimodal Understanding of Smells in Texts and Images at MediaEval 2022 (2023) Hürriyetoğlu A, Paccosi T, Menini S, Zinnen M, Lisena P, Akdemir K, Troncy R, van Erp M Conference contribution Multimodal and Multilingual Understanding of Smells using VilBERT and mUNITER (2023) Akdemir K, Hürriyetoğlu A, Troncy R, Paccosi T, Menini S, Zinnen M, Christlein V Conference contribution Enforcing Statistical Orthogonality in Massive MIMO Systems via Covariance Shaping (2022) Mursia P, Atzeni I, Cottatellucci L, Gesbert D Journal article On the Normalized Laplacian Spectra of Random Geometric Graphs (2022) Hamidouche M, Cottatellucci L, Avrachenkov K Journal article Tackling Pilot Contamination in Cell-Free Massive MIMO by Joint Channel Estimation and Linear Multi-User Detection (2021) Gholami R, Cottatellucci L, Slock D Conference contribution Channel Models, Favorable Propagation and MultiStage Linear Detection in Cell-Free Massive MIMO (2020) Gholami R, Cottatellucci L, Slock D Conference contribution FAVORABLE PROPAGATION AND LINEAR MULTIUSER DETECTION FOR DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS (2020) Gholami R, Cottatellucci L, Slock D Conference contribution RISMA: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Enabling Beamforming for IoT Massive Access (2020) Mursia P, Sciancalepore V, Garcia-Saavedra A, Cottatellucci L, Costa-Perez X, Gesbert D Journal article Data-Aided Secure Massive MIMO Transmission Under the Pilot Contamination Attack (2019) Wu Y, Wen CK, Chen W, Jin S, Schober R, Caire G Journal article
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