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Location: Shaanxi, China (CN) CN

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Spectromicroscopy of Nanoscale Materials in the Tender X-Ray Regime Enabled by a High Efficient Multilayer-Based Grating Monochromator (2023) Werner S, Guttmann P, Siewert F, Sokolov A, Mast M, Huang Q, Feng Y, et al. Journal article Structural Electromagnetic Absorber Based on MoS2/PyC-Al2O3 Ceramic Metamaterials (2023) Liu X, Liu H, Wu H, Zhou Q, Liang H, Liu G, Duan W, et al. Journal article Design of Steerable Linear Differential Microphone Arrays With Omnidirectional and Bidirectional Sensors (2023) Luo X, Jin J, Huang G, Chen J, Benesty J Journal article GEOMETRICALLY CONSTRAINED SOURCE EXTRACTION AND DEREVERBERATION BASED ON JOINT OPTIMIZATION (2023) Yang Y, Wang X, Brendel A, Zhang W, Kellermann W, Chen J Conference contribution Highly accessible and dense surface single metal FeN4 active sites for promoting the oxygen reduction reaction (2022) Chen G, An Y, Liu S, Sun F, Qi H, Wu H, He Y, et al. Journal article Atomic Sn–enabled high-utilization, large-capacity, and long-life Na anode (2022) Xu F, Qu C, Lu Q, Meng J, Zhang X, Xu X, Qiu Y, et al. Journal article Unconditionally stable numerical methods for Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes-Darcy system with different densities and viscosities (2022) Gao Y, Han D, He X, Rüde U Journal article Genetic Algorithm for Sparse Optimization of Mills Cross Array Used in Underwater Acoustic Imaging (2022) Teng D, Li Y, Yang H, Wei Z, Li Y Journal article Thermodynamic considerations on a class of dislocation-based constitutive models (2022) Wu R, Zaiser M Journal article Pinning of dislocations in disordered alloys: effects of dislocation orientation (2022) Zaiser M, Wu R Journal article