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Location: Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) IR

ISNI: 0000000107409747


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Role of Thigh Muscle Changes in Knee Osteoarthritis Outcomes: Osteoarthritis Initiative Data (2022) Mohajer B, Dolatshahi M, Moradi K, Najafzadeh N, Eng J, Zikria B, Wan M, et al. Journal article Advances in scaffolds used for pulp-dentine complex tissue engineering: A narrative review (2022) Noohi P, Abdekhodaie MJ, Nekoofar MH, Galler KM, Dummer PMH Journal article, Review article RANS Modelling of a NACA4412 Wake Using Wind Tunnel Measurements (2022) Tabatabaei N, Hajipour M, Mallor F, Orlu R, Vinuesa R, Schlatter P Journal article KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS-ASSOCIATED THIGH MUSCLE MRI CHANGES AND THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO CLINICAL OUTCOME:USE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ON OSTEOARTHRITIS INITIATIVEDATA (2022) Mohajer B, Dolatshahi M, Moradi K, Najafzadeh N, Zikria B, Wan M, Cao X, et al. Conference contribution CHANGES IN THIGH MUSCLE QUALITY AND THEIR ASSOCIATION WITH KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS PROGRESSION IN DIABETIC PATIENTS: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY ON OSTEOARTHRITIS INITIATIVE DATA (2022) Mohajer B, Moradi K, Dolatshahi M, Guermazi A, Najafzadeh N, Roemer FW, Demehri S Conference contribution ON A CLASS OF SINGULARLY PERTURBED ELLIPTIC SYSTEMS WITH ASYMPTOTIC PHASE SEGREGATION (2022) Bozorgnia F, Burger M, Fotouhi M Journal article RA-GCN: Graph convolutional network for disease prediction problems with imbalanced data (2022) Ghorbani M, Kazi A, Baghshah MS, Rabiee HR, Navab N Journal article Vol2Flow: Segment 3D Volumes Using a Sequence of Registration Flows (2022) Bitarafan A, Azampour MF, Bakhtari K, Baghshah MS, Keicher M, Navab N Conference contribution Diabetes-associated thigh muscle degeneration mediates knee osteoarthritis–related outcomes: results from a longitudinal cohort study (2022) Mohajer B, Moradi K, Guermazi A, Dolatshahi M, Zikria B, Najafzadeh N, Kalyani RR, et al. Journal article Degrees of Freedom of the K-User Interference Channel Assisted by Active and Passive IRSs (2022) Abdollahi Bafghi AH, Jamali V, Nasiri-Kenari M, Schober R Journal article