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The smell of zebra finches: Elucidation of zebra finch odour applying gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and olfaction-guided approaches (2024) Alves Soares T, Caspers BA, Loos H Journal article Competitive by Nature. Unraveling the Affinity Between Basketball and Hip Hop (2024) Tretter M, Neuhaus T Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Survival in primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, 2016 to 2021: etoposide is better than its reputation (2024) Böhm S, Wustrau K, Pachlopnik Schmid J, Prader S, Ahlmann M, Yacobovich J, Beier R, et al. Journal article Volatile organic compounds in preen oil and feathers – a review (2024) Alves Soares T, Caspers BA, Loos H Journal article Web-Based Public Reporting as a Decision-Making Tool for Consumers of Long-Term Care in the United States and the United Kingdom: Systematic Analysis of Report Cards (2023) Kast K, Otten SM, Konopik J, Maier CB Journal article Deep histopathology genotype–phenotype analysis of focal cortical dysplasia type II differentiates between the GATOR1-altered autophagocytic subtype IIa and MTOR-altered migration deficient subtype IIb (2023) Honke J, Hoffmann L, Coras R, Kobow K, Leu C, Pieper T, Hartlieb T, et al. Journal article Grundschullehramt zwischen Professionalität und De-Professionalisierung. Herausforderungen der Lehrkräftequalifizierung für eine hochwertige grundlegende Bildung in der Grundschule (2023) Rank A, Büker P, Miller S, Martschinke S Journal article Big data in Antarctic sciences-current status, gaps, and future perspectives (2023) Graiff A, Braun M, Driemel A, Ebbing J, Grossart HP, Harder T, Hoffman JI, et al. Journal article, Review article Digital Open Education im Bachelor-Studium: Lesen und Schreiben in LMS-basierten Selbstlernkursen im Bereich der deutschsprachigen Literaturgeschichte (2023) Wollmann S, Kunz T, Buschmeier M, Ciecior J, Lanius K Journal article The Future of Gas (2023) Richel A, Vladikova D, Peneva TM, Duic N, Kalogirou S, Papanicolas CN, Hamburg A, et al. Other publication type