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Exploring the current state of clinical and practical teaching in obstetrics and gynecology in the era of competency-based education: a nationwide survey among German teaching coordinators (2024) Meyer B, Riedel F, Amann N, Graf A, Stuehrenberg A, Ritter V, Wallwiener M, et al. Journal article The antimicrobial fibupeptide lugdunin forms water-filled channel structures in lipid membranes (2024) Ruppelt D, Trollmann M, Dema T, Wirtz SN, Flegel H, Mönnikes S, Grond S, et al. Journal article Indirect comparison of capmatinib treatment from GEOMETRY mono-1 trial to SOC in German patients with locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC harboring METex14 skipping mutations (2024) Kron A, Scheffler M, Wiesweg M, Hummel HD, Kulhavy J, Gatteloehner S, Kollmeier J, et al. Journal article The pluralization palette: unveiling semantic clusters in English nominal pluralization through distributional semantics (2024) Shafaei-Bajestan E, Moradipour-Tari M, Uhrig P, Baayen RH Journal article NECTIN4 Amplification Is Frequent in Solid Tumors and Predicts Enfortumab Vedotin Response in Metastatic Urothelial Cancer (2024) Klümper N, Tran NK, Zschäbitz S, Hahn O, Büttner T, Roghmann F, Bolenz C, et al. Journal article Cooperative AI training for cardiothoracic segmentation in computed tomography: An iterative multi-center annotation approach (2024) Lassen-Schmidt B, Baessler B, Gutberlet M, Berger J, Brendel JM, Bucher AM, Emrich T, et al. Journal article Diagnosis and treatment of venous leg ulcers: S2k Guideline of the German Society of Phlebology and Lymphology (DGPL) e.V. (2024) Valesky EM, Hach-Wunderle V, Protz K, Zeiner KN, Erfurt-Berge C, Goedecke F, Jäger B, et al. Journal article Diagnostik und Therapie des Ulcus cruris venosum: S2k-Leitlinie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Phlebologie und Lymphologie (DGPL) e.V. (2024) Valesky EM, Hach-Wunderle V, Protz K, Zeiner KN, Erfurt-Berge C, Goedecke F, Jäger B, et al. Journal article The Goettingen minipig as an experimental model in wound-healing studies (2024) Eisler W, Held M, Rahmanian-Schwarz A, Baur JO, Daigeler A, Denzinger M Journal article In situ incubation of iron(II)-bearing minerals and Fe(0) reveals insights into metabolic flexibility of chemolithotrophic bacteria in a nitrate polluted karst aquifer (2024) Visser AN, Martin JD, Osenbrück K, Rügner H, Grathwohl P, Kappler A Journal article