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Designbasierte Schulentwicklung im deutschen Kontext erste Erfahrungen eines Pilotprojekts im Land Berlin (2024) Mintrop R, Bremm N, Kose C Book chapter / Article in edited volumes CONSERVATION LAWS WITH NONLOCAL VELOCITY: THE SINGULAR LIMIT PROBLEM (2024) Friedrich J, Gottlich S, Keimer A, Pflug L Journal article Imaging the electron charge density in monolayer MoS2 at the Ångstrom scale (2023) Martis J, Susarla S, Rayabharam A, Su C, Paule T, Pelz P, Huff C, et al. Journal article Operando methods: A new era of electrochemistry (2023) Yang Y, Feijóo J, Briega-Martos V, Li Q, Krumov M, Merkens S, De Salvo G, et al. Journal article, Review article Solving complex nanostructures with ptychographic atomic electron tomography (2023) Pelz P, Griffin SM, Stonemeyer S, Popple D, DeVyldere H, Ercius P, Zettl A, et al. Journal article Developments and results in the context of the JEM-EUSO program obtained with the ESAF simulation and analysis framework (2023) Abe S, Adams JH, Allard D, Alldredge P, Anchordoqui L, Anzalone A, Arnone E, et al. Journal article Observation of Simultaneous Successive Twinning Using Atomic Electron Tomography (2023) Pelz PM, Groschner C, Bruefach A, Ophus C, Scott MC Journal article Der Inflation Reduction Act: Ist die neue US-Industriepolitik eine Gefahr für Europa? (2023) Grimm V, Malmendier U, Schnitzer M, Truger A, Werding M Other publication type The Low-temperature Corona in ESO 511−G030 Revealed by NuSTAR and XMM-Newton (2023) Zhang Z, Jiang J, Liu H, Bambi C, Reynolds CS, Fabian AC, Dauser T, et al. Journal article Probing cosmic inflation with the LiteBIRD cosmic microwave background polarization survey (2023) Allys E, Arnold K, Aumont J, Aurlien R, Azzoni S, Baccigalupi C, Banday AJ, et al. Journal article