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Location: Bari, Italy (IT) IT

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On Global Approximate Controllability of a Quantum Particle in a Box by Moving Walls (2024) Balmaseda A, Lonigro D, Pérez-Pardo JM Journal article Positive Hamiltonians cannot give exponential decay of positive observables (2024) Facchi P, Lonigro D Journal article HBM4EU chromates study – PFAS exposure in electroplaters and bystanders (2024) Göen T, Abballe A, Bousoumah R, Godderis L, Iavicoli I, Ingelido AM, Leso V, et al. Journal article Taming the Rotating Wave Approximation (2024) Burgarth D, Facchi P, Hillier R, Ligabò M Journal article On Markovianity and classicality in multilevel spin–boson models (2023) Chruściński D, Hesabi S, Lonigro D Journal article Dark State of the Thiele Hydrocarbon: Efficient Solvatochromic Emission from a Nonpolar Centrosymmetric Singlet Diradicaloid (2023) Punzi A, Dai Y, Dibenedetto CN, Mesto E, Schingaro E, Ullrich T, Striccoli M, et al. Journal article Quantum controllability on graph-like manifolds through magnetic potentials and boundary conditions (2023) Balmaseda A, Lonigro D, Pérez-Pardo JM Journal article Excitation-damping quantum channels (2023) Lonigro D, Chruściński D Journal article Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on surgery for indeterminate thyroid nodules (THYCOVID): a retrospective, international, multicentre, cross-sectional study (2023) Medas F, Dobrinja C, Al-Suhaimi EA, Altmeier J, Anajar S, Arikan AE, Azaryan I, et al. Journal article Self-Adjointness of a Class of Multi-Spin–Boson Models with Ultraviolet Divergences (2023) Lonigro D Journal article