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Valence shell electronically excited states of norbornadiene and quadricyclane (2024) Cooper JC, Holland DMP, Ingle RA, Bonanomi M, Faccialà D, De Oliveira N, Abid AR, et al. Journal article Ultrafast electronic relaxation pathways of the molecular photoswitch quadricyclane (2024) Borne KD, Cooper JC, Ashfold MNR, Bachmann J, Bhattacharyya S, Boll R, Bonanomi M, et al. Journal article Ultra-short pulse laser acceleration of protons to 80 MeV from cryogenic hydrogen jets tailored to near-critical density (2023) Rehwald M, Assenbaum S, Bernert C, Brack FE, Bussmann M, Cowan TE, Curry CB, et al. Journal article Correction to: Towards High-Repetition-Rate Fast Neutron Sources Using Novel Enabling Technologies (Instruments, (2021), 5, 4, (38), 10.3390/instruments5040038) (2023) Treffert F, Curry CB, Ditmire T, Glenn GD, Quevedo HJ, Roth M, Schoenwaelder C, et al. Journal article, Erratum High deuteron and neutron yields from the interaction of a petawatt laser with a cryogenic deuterium jet (2023) Jiao X, Curry CB, Gauthier M, Chou HG, Fiuza F, Kim JB, Phan DD, et al. Journal article Transient Laser-Induced Breakdown of Dielectrics in Ultrarelativistic Laser-Solid Interactions (2023) Bernert C, Assenbaum S, Bock S, Brack FE, Cowan TE, Curry CB, Garten M, et al. Journal article Towards high-repetition rate petawatt laser experiments with cryogenic jets using a mechanical chopper system (2023) Rehwald M, Assenbaum S, Bernert C, Curry CB, Gauthier M, Glenzer SH, Göde S, et al. Conference contribution Speckle contrast of interfering fluorescence X-rays (2023) Trost F, Ayyer K, Oberthuer D, Yefanov O, Bajt S, Caleman C, Weimer A, et al. Journal article Miniature light-driven nanophotonic electron acceleration and control (2022) Shiloh R, Schönenberger N, Adiv Y, Ruimy R, Karnieli A, Hughes T, England RJ, et al. Journal article, Review article Off-harmonic optical probing of high intensity laser plasma expansion dynamics in solid density hydrogen jets (2022) Bernert C, Assenbaum S, Brack FE, Cowan TE, Curry CB, Garten M, Gaus L, et al. Journal article