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Valence shell electronically excited states of norbornadiene and quadricyclane (2024) Cooper JC, Holland DMP, Ingle RA, Bonanomi M, Faccialà D, De Oliveira N, Abid AR, et al. Journal article Correlating Valence and 2p3d RIXS Spectroscopies: A Ligand-Field Study of Spin-Crossover Iron(II) (2024) Van Stappen C, Van Kuiken BE, Mörtel M, Ruotsalainen KO, Maganas D, Khusniyarov M, DeBeer S Journal article Ti-modified imogolite nanotubes: highly photoactive nanoreactors for H2 production (2023) Jimenéz-Calvo P, Sobolewska A, Isaacs M, Zhang Y, Leforestier A, Degrouard J, Rouzière S, et al. Other publication type In situ mapping of biomineral skeletal proteins by molecular recognition imaging with antibody-functionalized AFM tips (2023) Khurshid B, Lesniewska E, Polacchi L, L'Héronde M, Jackson DJ, Motreuil S, Thomas J, et al. Journal article Ti-Modified Imogolite Nanotubes as Promising Photocatalyst 1D Nanostructures for H2 Production (2023) Jimenez-Calvo P, Naciri Y, Sobolewska A, Isaacs M, Zhang Y, Leforestier A, Degrouard J, et al. Journal article Megahertz-rate ultrafast X-ray scattering and holographic imaging at the European XFEL (2022) Hagstrom NZ, Schneider M, Kerber N, Yaroslavtsev A, Parra EB, Beg M, Lang M, et al. Journal article Micromagnetics of magnetic chemical modulations in soft-magnetic cylindrical nanowires (2022) Alvaro-Gomez L, Ruiz-Gomez S, Fernandez-Gonzalez C, Schobitz M, Mille N, Hurst J, Tiwari D, et al. Journal article Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Media Causes Iron Leaching from Fe-N-C Electrocatalysts (2022) Ku YP, Ehelebe K, Hutzler A, Bierling M, Boehm T, Zitolo A, Vorokhta M, et al. Journal article Cerium speciation in silicate glasses: Structure-property relationships (2021) Cicconi MR, Veber A, Neuville DR, Baudelet F, de Ligny D Journal article Halogen molecular modifications at high pressure: The case of iodine (2021) Shi J, Fonda E, Botti S, Marques MAL, Shinmei T, Irifune T, Flank AM, et al. Journal article