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Carbon nano-onions: Individualization and enhanced water dispersibility (2024) Lucherelli MA, Stiegler L, Steiger F, Åhlgren EH, Requena-Ramírez J, Castro E, Echegoyen L, et al. Journal article Ultrafast Surface-Specific Spectroscopy of Water at a Photoexcited TiO2 Model Water-Splitting Photocatalyst (2024) Backus EH, Hosseinpour S, Ramanan C, Sun S, Schlegel SJ, Zelenka M, Jia X, et al. Journal article Aspects of Gas Storage: Confined Geometry Effects on the High-Pressure Adsorption Behavior of Supercritical Fluids (2024) Eder S, Guggenberger P, Priamushko T, Kleitz F, Thommes M Journal article Mission statements and financial and sustainability performance: An exploratory study of Benefit Corporations certified as B Corps (2023) Mion G, Loza Adau CR, Bonfanti A, De Crescenzo V Journal article Lacking mechanistic disease definitions and corresponding association data hamper progress in network medicine and beyond (2023) Sadegh S, Skelton J, Anastasi E, Maier A, Adamowicz K, Möller A, Kriege NM, et al. Journal article Associations between sleep problems and posttraumatic stress symptoms, social functioning, and quality of life in refugees with posttraumatic stress disorder (2023) Schumm H, Steil R, Lechner-Meichsner F, Morina N, Weise C, Mewes R, Kuck S, et al. Journal article Auswirkungen von Künstlicher Intelligenz und Robotik auf Pflegeberufe (2023) Tretter M, Samhammer D, Simmerlein J Other publication type A regional assessment of the deglaciation history of the Swiss Plateau based on newly obtained and re-evaluated Be-10 cosmic-ray exposure ages (2023) Hofmann FM, Groos AR, Garcia Morabito E, Struck J, Gnägi C, Scharf A, Rugel G, et al. Journal article, Original article Drop in, drop out, or stay on: Patterns and predictors of panel attrition among young people (2023) Malschinger P, Vogl S, Schels B Journal article Voices of transition: analysing inequality and adolescents’ lives after Mittelschule (2023) Flecker J, Schels B, Wöhrer V Journal article