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Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing (2022) Chumak AV, Kabos P, Wu M, Abert C, Adelmann C, Adeyeye A, Akerman J, et al. Journal article Worker churn in the cross section and over time: New evidence from Germany (2021) Bachmann R, Bayer C, Merkl C, Seth S, Stüber H, Wellschmied F Journal article Folding drives cortical thickness variations (2020) Holland MA, Budday S, Li G, Shen D, Goriely A, Kuhl E Journal article Fifty Shades of Brain: A Review on the Mechanical Testing and Modeling of Brain Tissue (2020) Budday S, Ovaert T, Holzapfel GA, Steinmann P, Kuhl E Journal article, Review article Adult attachment and testosterone reactivity: Fathers’ avoidance predicts changes in testosterone during the strange situation procedure (2019) Edelstein RS, Chin K, Saini EK, Kuo PX, Schultheiss O, Volling BL Journal article Adolescent Perception of Potential High-Performing Classmates: A Cross-National Exploration (2019) Oh H, Sutherland M, Stack N, Badia Martín M, Blumen S, Nguyen QAT, Wormald C, et al. Journal article Symmetry Breaking in Wrinkling Patterns: Gyri Are Universally Thicker than Sulci (2018) Holland M, Goriely A, Budday S, Kuhl E Journal article, Original article The mechanical importance of myelination in the central nervous system (2017) Weickenmeier J, de Rooij R, Budday S, Ovaert T, Kuhl E Journal article, Original article Brain stiffness increases with myelin content (2016) Weickenmeier J, de Rooij R, Budday S, Steinmann P, Ovaert T, Kuhl E Journal article, Original article Mechanical properties of gray and white matter brain tissue by indentation (2015) Budday S, Nay R, de Rooij R, Steinmann P, Wyrobek T, Ovaert T, Kuhl E Journal article
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