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Location: Würzburg, Germany (DE) DE

ISNI: 0000000119588658

ROR: https://ror.org/00fbnyb24

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Effects of high-intensity training on fatty infiltration in paraspinal muscles in elderly males with osteosarcopenia – the randomized controlled FrOST study (2024) Kircher K, Chaudry O, Nagel AM, Ghasemikaram M, Uder M, Jakob F, Kohl M, et al. Journal article Proteus effect or bodily affordance? The influence of virtual high-heels on gait behavior (2024) Oberdörfer S, Birnstiel S, Latoschik ME Journal article, other Circulating NK cells establish tissue residency upon acute infection of skin and mediate accelerated effector responses to secondary infection (2024) Torcellan T, Friedrich C, Doucet-Ladevèze R, Ossner T, Solé VV, Riedmann S, Ugur M, et al. Journal article Unterricht mit digitalen Angeboten im Schriftspracherwerb. Auf die Tiefenstruktur kommt es an! (2024) Hess M, Widmer AK, Oetjen B, Then D Unpublished / Preprint “Photo-Adrenalines”: Photoswitchable β2-Adrenergic Receptor Agonists as Molecular Probes for the Study of Spatiotemporal Adrenergic Signaling (2024) Sink A, Gerwe H, Hübner H, Boivin-Jahns V, Fender J, Lorenz K, Gmeiner P, Decker M Journal article Perfusable Tissue Bioprinted into a 3D-Printed Tailored Bioreactor System (2024) Gensler M, Malkmus C, Ockermann P, Möllmann M, Hahn L, Salehi S, Luxenhofer R, et al. Journal article Follow-up of the GHSG HD16 trial of PET-guided treatment in early-stage favorable Hodgkin lymphoma. (2024) Fuchs M, Jacob AS, Kaul H, Kobe C, Kuhnert G, Pabst T, Greil R, et al. Journal article A Day 14 Endpoint for Acute GVHD Clinical Trials (2024) Spyrou N, Akahoshi Y, Kowalyk S, Morales G, Beheshti R, Aguayo-Hiraldo P, Al Malki MM, et al. Journal article Media Multitasking in Younger and Older Adults: Associations with Cognitive Abilities and Biological Stress Responses (2024) Wannagat W, Martin T, Nieding G, Rohleder N, Becker L Journal article Influence of Virtual Shoe Formality on Gait and Cognitive Performance in a VR Walking Task (2024) Oberdörfer S, Birnstiel S, Latoschik ME Conference contribution, Conference Contribution