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WordStylist: Styled Verbatim Handwritten Text Generation with Latent Diffusion Models (2023) Nikolaidou K, Retsinas G, Christlein V, Seuret M, Sfikas G, Barney Smith E, Mokayed H, Liwicki M Conference contribution Beyond Human Forgeries: An Investigation into Detecting Diffusion-Generated Handwriting (2023) Carriere G, Nikolaidou K, Kordon FJ, Mayr M, Seuret M, Christlein V Conference contribution The Future of Gas (2023) Richel A, Vladikova D, Peneva TM, Duic N, Kalogirou S, Papanicolas CN, Hamburg A, et al. Other publication type Addressing adverse synergies between chemical and biological pollutants at schools—The ‘SynAir-G’ hypothesis (2023) Papadopoulos NG, Akdis C, Akdis M, Damialis A, Esposito G, Fergadiotou I, Goroncy C, et al. Journal article, Review article A survey of historical document image datasets (2022) Nikolaidou K, Seuret M, Mokayed H, Liwicki M Journal article Investigating the Effect of Using Synthetic and Semi-synthetic Images for Historical Document Font Classification (2022) Nikolaidou K, Upadhyay R, Seuret M, Liwicki M Conference contribution Correlating rheology and printing performance of fiber-reinforced bioinks to assess predictive modelling for biofabrication (2021) Sonnleitner D, Schrüfer S, Berglund L, Schubert DW, Lang G Journal article, Original article Porosity in wire arc additive manufacturing of aluminium alloys (2021) Hauser T, Reisch RT, Breese PP, Lutz B, Pantano M, Nalam Y, Bela K, et al. Journal article Trainable Spectrally Initializable Matrix Transformations in Convolutional Neural Networks (2021) Alberti M, Botros A, Schuetz N, Ingold R, Liwicki M, Seuret M Conference contribution Tool development based on modelling and simulation of hot sheet metal forming of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy (2011) Odenberger EL, Oldenburg M, Thilderkvist P, Stöhr T, Lechler J, Merklein M Journal article