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Increasing the equitability of data citation in paleontology: capacity building for the big data future (2023) Smith JA, Raja NB, Clements T, Dimitrijevic D, Dowding E, Dunne E, Gee BM, et al. Journal article Response of Siliceous Marine Organisms to the Permian-Triassic Climate Crisis Based on New Findings From Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard (2023) Foster WJ, Asatryan G, Rauzi S, Botting JP, Buchwald SZ, Lazarus DB, Isson T, et al. Journal article Oversimplification risks too much: A response to 'How predictable are mass extinction events?' (2023) Reddin CJ, Aberhan M, Dimitrijević D, Dowding E, Kocsis Á, Mathes G, Nätscher P, et al. Journal article Exceptions to the temperature–size rule: no Lilliput Effect in end-Permian ostracods (Crustacea) from Aras Valley (northwest Iran) (2023) Nätscher P, Gliwa J, de Baets K, Ghaderi A, Korn D Journal article BioDeepTime: A database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblages (2023) Smith J, Rillo MC, Kocsis Á, Dornelas M, Fastovich D, Huang HHM, Jonkers L, et al. Journal article Global warming generates predictable extinctions of warm- and cold-water marine benthic invertebrates via thermal habitat loss (2022) Reddin CJ, Aberhan M, Raja NB, Kocsis Á Journal article Mechanisms of dermal bone repair after predatory attack in the giant stem-group teleost Leedsichthys problematicus Woodward, 1889a (Pachycormiformes) (2022) Johanson Z, Liston J, Davesne D, Challands T, Smith MM Journal article Analysis of septal spacing and septal crowding in Devonian and Carboniferous ammonoids (2021) Beck SM, de Baets K, Klug C, Korn D Journal article, Original article History and development of ABCDEFG: a data standard for geosciences (2018) Petersen M, Glöckler F, Kießling W, Döring M, Fichtmüller D, Laphakorn L, Baltruschat B, Hoffmann J Journal article, Original article Physical and environmental drivers of Paleozoic tetrapod dispersal across Pangaea (2018) Brocklehurst N, Dunne E, Cashmore D, Frӧbisch J Journal article, Original article
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