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A likelihood ratio approach for utilizing case-control data in the clinical classification of rare sequence variants: Application to BRCA1 and BRCA2 (2023) Zanti M, O'Mahony DG, Parsons MT, Li H, Dennis J, Aittomäkkiki K, Andrulis IL, et al. Journal article Incorporating progesterone receptor expression into the PREDICT breast prognostic model (2022) Grootes I, Keeman R, Blows FM, Milne RL, Giles GG, Swerdlow AJ, Fasching PA, et al. Journal article Association of germline genetic variants with breast cancer-specific survival in patient subgroups defined by clinic-pathological variables related to tumor biology and type of systemic treatment (2021) Morra A, Escala-Garcia M, Beesley J, Keeman R, Canisius S, Ahearn TU, Andrulis IL, et al. Journal article Antibacterial Composite Materials Based on the Combination of Polyhydroxyalkanoates With Selenium and Strontium Co-substituted Hydroxyapatite for Bone Regeneration (2021) Marcello E, Maqbool M, Nigmatullin R, Cresswell M, Jackson PR, Basnett P, Knowles JC, et al. Journal article Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Survival by Tumor Subtype: Pooled Analyses from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium (2021) Morra A, Jung AY, Behrens S, Keeman R, Ahearn TU, Anton-Culver H, Arndt V, et al. Journal article Modulation of neuronal cell affinity of composite scaffolds based on polyhydroxyalkanoates and bioactive glasses (2020) Lizarraga-Valderrama LR, Nigmatullin R, Ladino B, Taylor CS, Boccaccini AR, Knowles JC, Claeyssens F, et al. Journal article Germline HOXB13 mutations p.G84E and p.R217C do not confer an increased breast cancer risk (2020) Liu J, Prager-van der Smissen WJ, Collée JM, Bolla MK, Wang Q, Michailidou K, Dennis J, et al. Journal article Comparison of the influence of 45s5 and Cu-containing 45s5 bioactive glass (BG) on the biological properties of novel Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)/BG composites (2020) Schuhladen K, Lukasiewicz B, Basnett P, Roy I, Boccaccini AR Journal article A network analysis to identify mediators of germline-driven differences in breast cancer prognosis (2020) Escala-Garcia M, Abraham J, Andrulis IL, Anton-Culver H, Arndt V, Ashworth A, Auer PL, et al. Journal article Highly elastomeric poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) based natural polymer composite for enhanced keratinocyte regeneration (2017) Rai R, Roether J, Knowles JC, Mordan N, Salih V, Locke IC, Gordge MP, et al. Journal article, Original article