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One-pot Synthesis of a Visible-light Responsive Carbon Nitride/TiO2 Heterointerface Material for Photoelectrocatalytic Applications (2024) Silva IF, Pulignani C, Odutola J, Galushchinskiy A, Texeira IF, Isaacs M, Mesa CA, et al. Unpublished / Preprint A compact photoreactor for automated H2 photoproduction: Revisiting the (Pd, Pt, Au)/TiO2 (P25) Schottky junctions (2023) Jimenez-Calvo P, Munoz-Batista MJ, Isaacs M, Ramnarain V, Ihiawakrim D, Li X, Munoz-Marquez MA, et al. Journal article Ti-modified imogolite nanotubes: highly photoactive nanoreactors for H2 production (2023) Jimenéz-Calvo P, Sobolewska A, Isaacs M, Zhang Y, Leforestier A, Degrouard J, Rouzière S, et al. Other publication type Green Light Photoelectrocatalysis with Sulfur-Doped Carbon Nitride: Using Triazole-Purpald for Enhanced Benzylamine Oxidation and Oxygen Evolution Reactions (2023) Jerigova M, Markushyna Y, Teixeira IF, Badamdorj B, Isaacs M, Cruz D, Lauermann I, et al. Journal article Ti-Modified Imogolite Nanotubes as Promising Photocatalyst 1D Nanostructures for H2 Production (2023) Jimenez-Calvo P, Naciri Y, Sobolewska A, Isaacs M, Zhang Y, Leforestier A, Degrouard J, et al. Journal article Imogolite Nanotubes and Their Permanently Polarized Bifunctional Surfaces for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production (2023) Paineau E, Teobaldi G, Jiménez Calvo P Journal article Mapping short-range order at the nanoscale in metal-organic framework and inorganic glass composites (2022) Laulainen JEM, Johnstone DN, Bogachev I, Longley L, Calahoo C, Wondraczek L, Keen DA, et al. Journal article Materials Formed by Combining Inorganic Glasses and Metal-Organic Frameworks (2022) Chester AM, Castillo-Blas C, Wondraczek L, Keen DA, Bennett TD Journal article The nano- and meso-scale structure of amorphous calcium carbonate (2022) Clark SM, Colas B, Jacob DE, Neuefeind JC, Wang HW, Page KL, Soper AK, et al. Journal article A Study in Red: The Overlooked Role of Azo-Moieties in Polymeric Carbon Nitride Photocatalysts with Strongly Extended Optical Absorption (2021) Mitoraj D, Krivtsov I, Li C, Rajagopal A, Im C, Adler C, Koble K, et al. Journal article
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