Kyoto University / 京都大学 Kyōto daigaku

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Location: Kyoto, Japan (JP) JP

ISNI: 0000000403722033


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Diagnostic investigation of devolatilization, ignition, and flame fluctuation during laminar oxy-coal combustion (2024) Yuan M, Zhu W, Wang Z, Guo Y, Li G, Chen Y, Peng J, Sun R Journal article Addressing health inequity during the COVID-19 pandemic through primary health care and public health collaboration: a multiple case study analysis in eight high-income countries (2023) Vanden Bossche D, Zhao QJ, Ares-Blanco S, Peña MPA, Decat P, Kondo N, Kroneman M, et al. Journal article Directionality of developing skeletal muscles is set by mechanical forces (2023) Sunadome K, Erickson AG, Kah DTE, Fabry B, Adori C, Kameneva P, Faure L, et al. Journal article Atomic structure of ZrO2-doped Li2O–SiO2-based multi-component glasses revealed by molecular dynamics–reverse Monte Carlo modeling (2023) Toyoda R, Usui K, Hirota T, Kimura K, Onodera Y, Cicconi MR, Belli R, et al. Journal article Fast Gas-Adsorption Kinetics in Supraparticle-Based MOF Packings with Hierarchical Porosity (2023) Fujiwara A, Wang J, Hiraide S, Götz A, Miyahara MT, Hartmann M, Apeleo Zubiri B, et al. Journal article The demand potential of shared autonomous vehicles: a large-scale simulation using mobility survey data (2023) Iacobucci R, Donhauser J, Schmocker JD, Pruckner M Journal article Higher risk of short term COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in myositis patients with autoimmune comorbidities: results from the COVAD study (2022) Dey M, Naveen R, Nikiphorou E, Sen P, Saha S, Lilleker JB, Agarwal V, et al. Journal article, Letter Fibrin-targeting molecular MRI in inflammatory CNS disorders (2022) Lohmeier J, Silva R, Tietze A, Taupitz M, Kaneko T, Pruss H, Paul F, et al. Journal article The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS) The AGN catalog and its X-ray spectral properties (2022) Liu T, Buchner J, Nandra K, Merloni A, Dwelly T, Sanders JS, Salvato M, et al. Journal article Review and consensus recommendations on clinical APT-weighted imaging approaches at 3T: Application to brain tumors (2022) Zhou J, Zaiss M, Knutsson L, Sun PZ, Ahn SS, Aime S, Bachert P, et al. Journal article, Review article