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A high-precision silicon-on-insulator position sensor (2023) Beck P, Wynne LC, Iadanza S, O’Faolain L, Schulz SA, Banzer P Journal article BioDeepTime: A database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblages (2023) Smith J, Rillo MC, Kocsis Á, Dornelas M, Fastovich D, Huang HHM, Jonkers L, et al. Journal article Gog and Magog. Contributions toward a World History of an Apocalyptic Motif (2023) Tamer G, Mein A, Greisiger L Edited Volume Towards integrated position sensors with nanometer precision (2023) Schulz SA, Beck P, Wynne LC, Iadanza S, O'Faolain L, Banzer P Conference contribution Cleavage of Organosolv Lignin to Phenols Using Nitrogen Monoxide and Hydrazine (2021) Hofmann L, Altmann LM, Fischer O, Prusko L, Xiao G, Westwood NJ, Heinrich M Journal article Quantum concepts in optical polarization (2021) Goldberg AZ, De La Hoz P, Bjork G, Klimov AB, Grassl M, Leuchs G, Sanchez-Soro LL Journal article, Review article Agile and Versatile Quantum Communication: Signatures and Secrets (2021) Richter S, Thornton M, Khan I, Scott H, Jaksch K, Vogl U, Stiller B, et al. Journal article The Paper Trade in Early Modern Europe. Practices, Materials, Networks (2021) Bellingradt D, Reynolds A Edited Volume Towards fully integrated photonic displacement sensors (2020) Bag A, Neugebauer M, Mick U, Christiansen S, Schulz SA, Banzer P Journal article On-chip nano-localization via transverse kerker scattering (2020) Bag A, Neugebauer M, Mick U, Christiansen S, Schulz SA, Banzer P Conference contribution
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