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Weather stations for biodiversity: a comprehensive approach to an automated and modular monitoring system (2024) Wägele JW, Tschan GF Authored book More than meets no eyes: Taxonomic status of a Liotyphlops Peters, 1881 (Serpentes: Anomalepididae) blindsnake from the Atlantic Rainforest (2023) Entiauspe-Neto OM, Franco FL, Koch C, Tiutenko A, Wingert JM, Borges-Martins M Journal article Unveiling an enigma from the Cerrado: taxonomic revision of two sympatric species of Apostolepis Cope, 1862 (Dipsadidae: Xenodontinae: Elapomorphini) from central Brazil (2022) Entiauspe-Neto OM, Koch C, Guedes TB, Paredero RCB, Tiutenko A, Loebmann D Journal article Towards a multisensor station for automated biodiversity monitoring (2022) Wägele JW, Bodesheim P, Bourlat SJ, Denzler J, Diepenbroek M, Fonseca V, Frommolt KH, et al. Journal article Generic affinities of African house snakes revised: a new genus for Boodon erlangeri (Serpentes: Elapoidea: Lamprophiidae: Lamprophiinae) (2022) Tiutenko A, Koch C, Pabijan M, Zinenko O Journal article, Original article A new species of Erythrolamprus (Serpentes: Dipsadidae: Xenodontini) from the savannas of northern South America (2021) Entiauspe-Neto OM, Abegg AD, Koch C, Nuñez LP, Azevedo WDS, Moraes LJ, Tiutenko A, et al. Journal article, Original article Taxonomic status of Apostolepis tertulianobeui Lema, 2004 based on an integrative revision of Apostolepis assimilis (Reinhardt, 1861) (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) (2021) Entiauspe-Neto OM, Koch C, Gray RJ, Tiutenko A, Loebmann D, Guedes TB Journal article Revisiting the taxonomic status of Apostolepis sanctaeritae, a forgotten Neotropical dipsadid snake (2020) Entiauspe-Neto OM, Koch C, Guedes TB, Tiutenko A Journal article Fifteen shades of green: The evolution of Bufotes toads revisited (2019) Dufresnes C, Mazepa G, Jablonski D, Oliveira RC, Wenseleers T, Shabanov DA, Auer M, et al. Journal article Sex-biased dispersal obscures species boundaries in integrative species delimitation approaches (2019) Eberle J, Bazzato E, Fabrizi S, Rossini M, Colomba M, Cillo D, Uliana M, et al. Journal article