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Location: Fribourg, Switzerland (CH) CH

ISNI: 0000000404781713


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Digital skull anatomy of the Oligocene North American tortoise Stylemys nebrascensis with taxonomic comments on the species and comparisons with extant testudinids of the Gopherus–Manouria clade (2024) Evers SW, Al Lawati Z Journal article The legal and ethical framework governing body donation in Europe – 2nd update on current practice (2024) Brenner E, Bleys RL, de Caro R, Catereniuc I, Chirculescu AR, Destrieux C, Eppler E, et al. Journal article, Review article Stochastic semiclassical theory for nonequilibrium electron-phonon coupled systems (2023) Picano A, Grandi F, Werner P, Eckstein M Journal article Vertex-Based Diagrammatic Treatment of Light-Matter-Coupled Systems (2023) Kim AJ, Lenk K, Li J, Werner P, Eckstein M Journal article Time-resolved photoemission and resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of a site-selective Mott insulator (2023) Werner P, Petocchi F, Eckstein M Journal article How residence permits affect the labor market attachment of foreign workers: Evidence from a migration lottery in Liechtenstein (2023) Buechel B, Gangl S, Huber M Journal article CRISPR Activator Approaches to Study Endogenous Androglobin Gene Regulation (2023) Koay TW, Schödel J, Hoogewijs D Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Dynamical mean-field study of a photon-mediated ferroelectric phase transition (2022) Lenk K, Li J, Werner P, Eckstein M Journal article Local interpretation of time-resolved x-ray absorption in Mott insulators: Insights from nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory (2022) Werner P, Golez D, Eckstein M Journal article Risk Factors for Pancreatic Cancer in Patients with New-Onset Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (2022) Mellenthin C, Balaban VD, Dugic A, Cullati S Journal article, Review article