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Ferroelectric Content-Addressable Memory Cells with IGZO Channel: Impact of Retention Degradation on the Multibit Operation (2023) Sk MR, Thunder S, Lehninger D, Sanctis S, Raffel Y, Lederer M, Jank MPM, et al. Journal article Tensor network study of the spin- 12 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the shuriken lattice (2023) Schmoll P, Kshetrimayum A, Naumann J, Eisert J, Iqbal Y Journal article The Liver Tumor Segmentation Benchmark (LiTS) (2023) Bilic P, Christ P, Li HB, Vorontsov E, Ben-Cohen A, Kaissis G, Szeskin A, et al. Journal article Relaxation dynamics in excited helium nanodroplets probed with high resolution, time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (2022) Laforge AC, Asmussen JD, Bastian B, Bonanomi M, Callegari C, De S, Di Fraia M, et al. Journal article Electrospun 1D Ta3N5 -(O) nanofibers as advanced electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in proton exchange membrane water electrolyser (2022) Mukkavilli RS, Ichangi A, Thiyagarajan GB, Vollnhals F, Wilhelm M, Bhardwaj A, Christiansen S, et al. Journal article Self-supported amorphous TaNx(Oy)/nickel foam thin film as an advanced electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction (2022) Thiyagarajan GB, Mukkavilli RS, Graf D, Fischer T, Wilhelm M, Christiansen S, Mathur S, Kumar R Journal article Numerical methods for particle agglomeration and breakage in lid-driven cavity flows at low Reynolds numbers (2022) Roy N, Dürr R, Bück A, Kumar J, Sundar S Journal article Fundamentals of cell metabolism and cancer (2022) Devendran R, Ramesh V, Gnanasekaran P Authored book Effect of interfacial oxidation layer in spin pumping experiments on Ni80Fe20/SrIrO3 heterostructures (2020) Suraj TS, Mueller M, Gelder S, Gepraegs S, Opel M, Weiler M, Sethupathi K, et al. Journal article NTIRE 2020 challenge on spectral reconstruction from an RGB image (2020) Arad B, Timofte R, Ben-Shahar O, Lin YT, Finlayson G, Givati S, Li J, et al. Conference contribution
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