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Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil (BR) BR

ISNI: 0000000122007498

ROR: https://ror.org/041yk2d64

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Unusual crystallization pathways revealed in six barium disilicate (BaSi2O5) glasses (2023) Moulton BJ, Silva LD, Sabino SR, Evaristo LL, Sampaio DV, Buchner S, Serbena FC, et al. Journal article How S100B crosses brain barriers and why it is considered a peripheral marker of brain injury (2023) Gayger-Dias V, Vizuete AF, Rodrigues L, Wartchow KM, Bobermin L, Leite MC, Quincozes-Santos A, et al. Journal article, Review article In-situ laboratory X-ray diffraction applied to assess cement hydration (2022) de Matos PR, Andrade Neto JS, Jansen D, De la Torre AG, Kirchheim AP, Campos CE Journal article, Review article Longterm Increased S100B Enhances Hippocampal Progenitor Cell Proliferation in a Transgenic Mouse Model (2022) Rodrigues L, Wartchow KM, Buchfelder M, Souza DO, Goncalves CA, Kleindienst A Journal article Effect of high pressure in barium disilicate glass investigated by DTA and Raman spectroscopy (2022) Evaristo L, Silveira R, Tissot M, Hippler G, Moulton B, Buchner S Journal article Smart green supply chain management: a configurational approach to enhance green performance through digital transformation (2022) Lerman L, Benitez GB, Müller J, De Sousa PR, Frank AG Journal article Studies of potency and efficacy of an optimized artemisinin-quinoline hybrid against multiple stages of the plasmodium life cycle (2021) Quadros HC, Capci Karagöz A, Herrmann L, D’alessandro S, Fontinha D, Azevedo R, Villarreal W, et al. Journal article Amyloid‐β processing in aged s100b transgenic mice is sex dependent (2021) Wartchow KM, Rodrigues L, Swierzy I, Buchfelder M, de Souza DO, Gonçalves CA, Kleindienst A Journal article The contribution of insects to global forest deadwood decomposition (2021) Seibold S, Rammer W, Hothorn T, Seidl R, Ulyshen MD, Lorz J, Cadotte MW, et al. Journal article The AIMe registry for artificial intelligence in biomedical research (2021) Matschinske J, Benis A, Alcaraz N, Golebiewski M, Grimm DG, Heumos L, Kacprowski T, et al. Journal article
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