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Improved Screen Content Coding in VVC Using Soft Context Formation (2024) Och H, Uddehal SR, Strutz T, Kaup A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Enhanced Color Palette Modeling for Lossless Screen Content Compression (2024) Och H, Uddehal SR, Strutz T, Kaup A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Image Segmentation for Improved Lossless Screen Content Compression (2023) Uddehal SR, Strutz T, Och H, Kaup A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Numerical and Theoretical Investigation of the Gap Flow in Centrifugal Fans for Design and Off-Design Conditions (2023) Fritsche M, Epple P, Delgado A Journal article Quality of life in adults with congenital heart disease with and without pulmonary hypertension: a comparative study (2022) Freiberger A, Busse A, Ewert P, Huntgeburth M, Kaemmerer H, Kohls N, Nagdyman N, et al. Journal article S11 Improving knowledge co-creation and participation in physical activity promotion: The cooperative planning approach (2022) Gelius P, Sommer RM, Ferschl S, Till M, Abu-Omar K, Semrau J, Helsper N, et al. Conference contribution Analyzing spillover effects from data breaches to the US (cyber) insurance industry (2022) Eckert C, Gatzert N, Schubert M Journal article Managing customer satisfaction: digital applications for insurance companies (2022) Eckert C, Neunsinger C, Osterrieder K Journal article, Editorial A novel D-amino acid peptide with therapeutic potential (ISAD1) inhibits aggregation of neurotoxic disease-relevant mutant Tau and prevents Tau toxicity in vitro (2022) Aillaud I, Kaniyappan S, Chandupatla RR, Ramirez LM, Alkhashrom S, Eichler J, Horn A, et al. Journal article Electromagnetic Actuators Suitable for High Temperatures Using Thin Aluminum Foil as Conductor (2022) von Lindenfels J, Qomi MP, Utsch D, Franke J, Kühl A, Reibenweber L, Stadler A Conference contribution
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