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Location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain (ES) ES

ISNI: 0000000109410645

ROR: https://ror.org/030eybx10

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Dipsticks and point-of-care Microscopy to reduce antibiotic use in women with an uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection (MicUTI): protocol of a randomised controlled pilot trial in primary care (2024) Kurotschka PK, Borgulya G, Bucher E, Endrich I, Figueiras A, Gensichen J, Hay AD, et al. Journal article Intra-annual density fluctuations in tree rings are proxies of air temperature across Europe (2023) Battipaglia G, Kabala JP, Pacheco-Solana A, Niccoli F, Bräuning A, Campelo F, Cufar K, et al. Journal article Electrophotographic 3D printing of pharmaceutical films (2023) Kopp SP, Medvedev V, Tangermann-Gerk K, Wöltinger N, Rothfelder R, Graßl F, Heinrich M, et al. Journal article IBEROAMERICAN REVIEWS RESEÑAS IBEROAMERICANAS (2023) Del Valle Lattanzio C, Jaeckel V, Cano EH, Rivero C, de la Paz PN, Calle JF, Salinas VC, et al. Journal article, Review article High-energy and ultra-high-energy neutrinos: A Snowmass white paper (2022) Ackermann M, Bustamante M, Lu L, Otte N, Reno MH, Wissel S, Agarwalla SK, et al. Journal article Bis-pseudorotaxane Formation of Perylene Bisimide-Linked [60]Fullerene Dumbbell-Like Molecules with [10]Cycloparaphenylene (2022) Solymosi I, Sabin J, Maid H, Friedrich L, Nuin E, Perez-Ojeda Rodriguez ME, Hirsch A Journal article, Original article Influence of low insertion torque values on survival rate of immediately loaded dental implants: A systematic review and meta-analysis (2022) Darriba I, Seidel A, Moreno F, Botelho J, Machado V, Joao Mendes J, Leira Y, Blanco J Journal article, Review article THE EMLex DICTIONARY OF LEXICOGRAPHY (EMLexDictoL) (2022) Schierholz SJ, Bielinska M, Domínguez Vázquez MJ, Gouws RH, Nied Curcio M Conference contribution Tropical tree growth driven by dry-season climate variability (2022) Zuidema PA, Babst F, Groenendijk P, Trouet V, Abiyu A, Acuña-Soto R, Adenesky-Filho E, et al. Journal article Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era—A review (2022) Addazi A, Alvarez-Muniz J, Alves Batista R, Amelino-Camelia G, Antonelli V, Arzano M, Asorey M, et al. Journal article, Review article
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