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Carbon/graphene quantum dots as electrolyte additives for batteries and supercapacitors: A review (2024) Shaker M, Ng SW, Sadeghi Ghazvini AA, Javanmardi S, Gaho MA, Jin Z, Ge Q Journal article, Review article Static magnetic field enhances the bone remodelling capacity of human demineralized bone matrix in a rat animal model of cranial bone defects (2024) Hosseini SJ, Parsaei H, Moosavifar MJ, Tavakoli N, Ahadi R, Roshanbinfar K Journal article Co-delivery of 5-fluorouracil and oxali-palladium via β-lactoglobulin nano-capsules coated with Low Methoxyl Pectin for colon cancer therapy (2023) Leilabadi-Asl A, Ghalandari B, Divsalar A, Karizak AZ, Haertlé T, Ding X, Saboury AA, Ghorbani F Journal article A review on the role of graphene quantum dots and carbon quantum dots in secondary-ion battery electrodes (2023) Shaker M, Shahalizade T, Mumtaz A, Hemmati Saznaghi M, Javanmardi S, Gaho MA, Cao W, et al. Journal article, Review article A review of nitrogen-doped carbon materials for lithium-ion battery anodes (2023) Shaker M, Ghazvini AAS, Shahalizade T, Gaho MA, Mumtaz A, Javanmardi S, Riahifar R, et al. Journal article, Review article Impact of Preprocessing of Graphene Additive via Ultrasonication on the Electrochemical Performance of Activated Carbon-Based Supercapacitors (2023) Chameh B, Shaker M, Shahalizade T, Sadeghi Ghazvini A, Saznaghi MH, Farhadi S, Shahroudi H, et al. Journal article Precipitation dominates the growth of common hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) and stinking juniper (Juniperus foetidissima Willd) in Arasbaran forests of northwestern Iran (2023) Emaminasab M, Oladi R, Pourtahmasi K, Bräuning A, Shirvany A Journal article Magmatic evolution of the migrating central Urumieh–Dokhtar arc, Iran: implications for magma production (2023) Babazadeh S, Haase K, Ghalamghash J, Regelous M, Poujol M, Raeisi D, Zhao M Journal article Photo-cross-linkable hyaluronic acid bioinks for bone and cartilage tissue engineering applications (2023) Ghorbani F, Ghalandari B, Khajehmohammadi M, Bakhtiary N, Tolabi H, Sahranavard M, Fathi-Karkan S, et al. Journal article A critical review on polydopamine surface-modified scaffolds in musculoskeletal regeneration (2022) Tolabi H, Bakhtiary N, Sayadi S, Tamaddon M, Ghorbani F, Boccaccini AR, Liu C Journal article, Review article