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Solvent engineering of scalable deposited wide-bandgap perovskites for efficient monolithic perovskite-organic tandem solar cells (2023) Tang Y, Zhang Y, Zhou X, Huang T, Shen K, Zhang KN, Du X, et al. Journal article Crystallization and phase-transformation diagrams of Nb-doped CuZrAl metallic glass obtained by fast-scanning calorimetry and in-situ synchrotron XRD upon flash-annealing (2023) Han X, Orava J, Cheng Q, Sun YH, Liu S, Ivashko O, Song K, et al. Journal article 18.2%-efficient ternary all-polymer organic solar cells with improved stability enabled by a chlorinated guest polymer acceptor (2023) Sun R, Wang T, Fan Q, Wu M, Yang X, Wu X, Yu Y, et al. Journal article Understanding Causalities in Organic Photovoltaics Device Degradation in a Machine-Learning-Driven High-Throughput Platform (2023) Liu C, Lüer L, Le Corre VM, Forberich K, Weitz P, Heumüller T, Du X, et al. Journal article Finding predictive models for singlet fission by machine learning (2022) Liu X, Wang X, Gao S, Chang V, Tom R, Yu M, Ghiringhelli LM, Marom N Journal article Phase-formation maps of CuZrAlCo metallic glass explored by in situ ultrafast techniques (2022) Han X, Kaban I, Orava J, Cheng Q, Sun YH, Soldatov I, Zimmermann MV, et al. Journal article Main-group metal elements as promising active centers for single-atom catalyst toward nitric oxide reduction reaction (2022) Wu Q, Huang B, Dai Y, Heine T, Ma Y Journal article Gradient bandgap modification for highly efficient carrier transport in antimony sulfide-selenide tandem solar cells (2022) Cao Y, Liu C, Yang T, Zhao Y, Na Y, Jiang C, Zhou J, et al. Journal article A wafer-scale two-dimensional platinum monosulfide ultrathin film: Via metal sulfurization for high performance photoelectronics (2022) Pang J, Wang Y, Yang X, Zhang L, Li Y, Zhang Y, Yang J, et al. Journal article Revealing Photodegradation Pathways of Organic Solar Cells by Spectrally Resolved Accelerated Lifetime Analysis (2022) Weitz P, Le Corre VM, Du X, Forberich K, Deibel C, Brabec C, Heumüller T Journal article
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