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A benchmark case for aeroacoustic simulations involving fluid-structure-acoustic interaction transferred from the process of human phonation (2024) Schoder S, Falk S, Wurzinger A, Lodermeyer A, Becker S, Kniesburges S Journal article On the Alignment of Acoustic and Coupled Mechanic-Acoustic Eigenmodes in Phonation by Supraglottal Duct Variations (2023) Kraxberger F, Näger C, Laudato M, Sundström E, Becker S, Mihaescu M, Kniesburges S, Schoder S Journal article An Investigation of Acoustic Back-Coupling in Human Phonation on a Synthetic Larynx Model (2023) Näger C, Kniesburges S, Tur B, Schoder S, Becker S Journal article A Unified Approach to Shape and Topological Sensitivity Analysis of Discretized Optimal Design Problems (2023) Gangl P, Gfrerer MH Journal article Butyrophilin 2a2 (Btn2a2) expression on thymic epithelial cells promotes central T cell tolerance and prevents autoimmune disease: Btn2a2 promotes central tolerance (2023) Frech M, Danzer H, Uchil P, Azizov V, Schmid E, Schälter F, Dürholz K, et al. Journal article Combining System Models and CAD for Change Scenario Management (2023) Hick H, Schleich B, Sanladerer S, Ryan K, Trautner J, Piguet J, Wilking F, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Development of a test rig for the investigation of flow-induced mechanisms of sound generation at radial fans (2023) Uffinger T, Czwielong F, Renz A, Heidegger P, Schoder S, Kaltenbacher M, Becker S Journal article How enhancers regulate wavelike gene expression patterns (2023) Mau C, Rudolf H, Strobl F, Schmid B, Regensburger T, Palmisano R, Stelzer EH, et al. Journal article Free-Breathing Liver Fat, R∗ and B Field Mapping Using Multi-Echo Radial FLASH and Regularized Model-Based Reconstruction (2023) Tan Z, Unterberg-Buchwald C, Blumenthal M, Scholand N, Schaten P, Holme C, Wang X, et al. Journal article Machine-Learning Clustering Methods Applied to Detection of Noise Sources in Low-Speed Axial Fan (2023) Tieghi L, Becker S, Corsini A, Delibra G, Schoder S, Czwielong F Journal article