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Location: Daejeon, Korea, Republic of (KR) KR

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ROR: https://ror.org/05apxxy63

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Multifunctional tunable Cu2O and CuInS2 quantum dots on TiO2 nanotubes for efficient chemical oxidation of cholesterol and ibuprofen (2024) Khaliq N, Ali G, Rasheed MA, Khan M, Xie Y, Schmuki P, Cho SO, Karim S Journal article Mitosis domain generalization in histopathology images — The MIDOG challenge (2023) Aubreville M, Stathonikos N, Bertram CA, Klopfleisch R, ter Hoeve N, Ciompi F, Wilm F, et al. Journal article Clinical Features, Neuropathology, and Surgical Outcome in Patients with Refractory Epilepsy and Brain Somatic Variants in the SLC35A2 Gene (2023) Barba C, Blümcke I, Winawer MR, Hartlieb T, Kang HC, Grisotto L, Chipaux M, et al. Journal article Digital health in smart cities: Rethinking the remote health monitoring architecture on combining edge, fog, and cloud (2023) Rodrigues VF, da Rosa Righi R, da Costa CA, Zeiser FA, Eskofier B, Maier A, Kim D Journal article Terahertz Spin-to-Charge Current Conversion in Stacks of Ferromagnets and the Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide NbSe2 (2022) Nadvornik L, Gueckstock O, Braun L, Niu C, Graefe J, Richter G, Schuetz G, et al. Journal article Directed energy deposition of gamma/gamma' Co-Al-W superalloys (2022) Yoo B, Jung C, Ryou K, Choi WS, Haußmann L, Yang S, Boll T, et al. Journal article Metal-Ligand Cooperativity to Assemble a Neutral and Terminal Niobium Phosphorus Triple Bond (Nb equivalent to P) (2022) Senthil S, Kwon S, Fehn D, Im H, Gau MR, Carroll PJ, Baik MH, et al. Journal article Controlled Doping of Electrocatalysts through Engineering Impurities (2022) Kim SH, Yoo SH, Shin S, El-Zoka AA, Kasian O, Lim J, Jeong J, et al. Journal article Electronic Structures of Group III–V Element Haeckelite Compounds: A Novel Family of Semiconductors, Dirac Semimetals, and Topological Insulators (2022) Khazaei M, Ranjbar A, Kang YG, Liang Y, Khaledialidusti R, Bae S, Raebiger H, et al. Journal article Partitioning RNAs by length improves transcriptome reconstruction from short-read RNA-seq data (2022) Ringeling FR, Chakraborty S, Vissers C, Reiman D, Patel AM, Lee KH, Hong A, et al. Journal article
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