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AI-MOLE: Autonomous Iterative Motion Learning for unknown nonlinear dynamics with extensive experimental validation (2024) Meindl M, Bachhuber S, Seel T Journal article On Investigating the Effect of DC Biased Ripple Voltages over the Insulation of Bus Capacitor of Power Inverters: Possibility and Limitations (2024) Sargazi R, Werle P, Akbari A, Apelsmeier A Journal article Dynamic HTA for digital health solutions: opportunities and challenges for patient-centered evaluation (2023) Brönneke JB, Herr A, Reif S, Stern AD Journal article Exact and lower bounds for the quantum speed limit in finite-dimensional systems (2023) Johnsson MT, Van Luijk L, Burgarth D Journal article Fossil-Bearing Concretions of the Araripe Basin Accumulated During Oceanic Anoxic Event 1b (2023) Bom MH, Kochhann KG, Heimhofer U, Mota MA, Guerra RM, Simões MG, Krahl G, et al. Journal article Guest Editorial Trustworthy and Collaborative AI for Personalised Healthcare Through Edge-of-Things (2023) Ren Z, Schuller BW, Eskofier B, Nguyen TT, Nejdl W Journal article On the reproducibility of extrusion-based bioprinting: round robin study on standardization in the field (2023) Grijalva Garces D, Strauß S, Gretzinger S, Schmieg B, Jüngst T, Groll J, Meinel L, et al. Journal article Plug-and-Play Sparse Inertial Motion Tracking With Sim-to-Real Transfer (2023) Bachhuber S, Lehmann D, Dorschky E, Koelewijn A, Seel T, Weygers I Journal article Grundwissen Grammatik. Fit fürs Studium. (2023) Habermann M, Diewald G, Thurmair M Authored book, Textbook Thread-Level Attack-Surface Reduction (2023) Rommel F, Dietrich C, Ziegler A, Ostapyshyn I, Lohmann D Conference contribution