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Location: Brüssel, Belgium (BE) BE

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ROR: https://ror.org/006e5kg04

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Tissue niche occupancy determines the contribution of fetal- versus bone-marrow-derived macrophages to IgG effector functions (2024) Wöhner M, Brechtelsbauer S, Friedrich N, Vorsatz C, Bulang J, Liang C, Schorr L, et al. Journal article Role of alkaline-earth metal in catalysed imine hydrogenations (2024) De Tobel B, Hamlin TA, Fonseca Guerra C, Harder S, De Proft F, Alonso M Journal article Similarities and Differences in Benzene Reduction with Ca, Sr, Yb and Sm: Strong Evidence for Tetra-Anionic Benzene (2024) Thakur SK, Roig N, Monreal-Corona R, Langer J, Alonso M, Harder S Journal article Physical literacy in Europe: The current state of implementation in research, practice, and policy (2023) Carl J, Bryant A, Edwards L, Bartle G, Birch J, Christodoulides E, Emeljanovas A, et al. Journal article Monte-carlo simulation of the effective lunar aperture for detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos with LOFAR (2023) Krampah GK, Buitink S, Bray JD, Corstanje A, Desmet M, Falcke H, Hare BM, et al. Journal article Prospects for measuring the longitudinal particle distribution of cosmic-ray air showers with SKA (2023) Corstanje A, Buitink S, Bhavani J, Desmet M, Falcke H, Hare BM, Hörandel JR, et al. Conference contribution The NuMoon Experiment: Preliminary results and upper limits on UHE particles (2023) Krampah GK, Buitink S, Bhavani J, Desmet M, Corstanje A, Falcke H, Hare BM, et al. Conference contribution Constraining the cosmic-ray mass composition by measuring the shower length with SKA (2023) Buitink S, Corstanje A, Bhavani J, Desmet M, Falcke H, Hare BM, Hörandel JR, et al. Conference contribution Reconstructing air shower parameters with MGMR3D (2023) Mitra P, Scholten O, Trinh TN, Buitink S, Bhavani J, Corstanje A, Desmet M, et al. Journal article Juckreiz, Schlafstörungen, depressive Symptome, Fatigue und Einschränkungen der Arbeitsproduktivität bei Patienten mit moderater bis schwerer atopischer Dermatitis: Daten aus dem TREATgermany-Register (2023) Birkner T, Siegels D, Heinrich L, Haufe E, Abraham S, Heratizadeh A, Harder I, et al. Journal article