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Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands (NL) NL

ISNI: 0000000403988763

ROR: https://ror.org/02c2kyt77

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The SCIP Optimization Suite 9.0 (2024) Bolusani S, Besançon M, Bestuzheva K, Chmiela A, Dionísio J, Donkiewicz T, van Doornmalen J, et al. Other publication type Perspectives of patients and clinicians on big data and AI in health: a comparative empirical investigation (2024) Hummel P, Braun M, Bischoff S, Samhammer D, Seitz K, Fasching P, Dabrock P Journal article Toward a better understanding of self‐regulation promoting interventions: when performance management and job crafting meet (2024) Demerouti E, Roth C, Ebner K, Soucek R, Moser K Journal article, Original article A comprehensive multi-domain dataset for mitotic figure detection (2023) Aubreville M, Wilm F, Stathonikos N, Breininger K, Donovan TA, Jabari S, Veta M, et al. Journal article Near-infrared radiation induced attenuation in nested anti-resonant nodeless fibers (2023) Medaer S, Bradley TD, Francesca DD, Fu Q, Jasion G, Kuhnhenn J, Meroli S, et al. Journal article Enabling research through the scip optimization suite 8.0 (2023) Bestuzheva K, Besancon M, Chen WK, Chmiela A, Donkiewicz T, Van Doornmalen J, Eifler L, et al. Journal article Steering self-organisation through confinement (2023) Araújo NA, Janssen LM, Barois T, Boffetta G, Cohen I, Corbetta A, Dauchot O, et al. Journal article Mitosis domain generalization in histopathology images — The MIDOG challenge (2023) Aubreville M, Stathonikos N, Bertram CA, Klopfleisch R, ter Hoeve N, Ciompi F, Wilm F, et al. Journal article Acoustic Crystallization of 2D Colloidal Crystals (2023) Menath J, Mohammadi R, Grauer JC, Deters C, Böhm M, Liebchen B, Janssen LM, et al. Journal article, Original article Contested Spatialities of Digital Sovereignty (2023) Glasze G, Cattaruzza A, Douzet F, Dammann F, Bertran MG, Bômont C, Braun M, et al. Journal article