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Why there is no need to use a big-M in linear bilevel optimization: a computational study of two ready-to-use approaches (2023) Kleinert T, Schmidt M Journal article On a Tractable Single-Level Reformulation of a Multilevel Model of the European Entry-Exit Gas Market with Market Power (2023) Grimm V, Grübel J, Schmidt M, Schwartz A, Zöttl G, Wiertz AK Other publication type Nonconvex equilibrium models for energy markets: exploiting price information to determine the existence of an equilibrium (2023) Grübel J, Huber O, Hümbs L, Klimm M, Schmidt M, Schwartz A Journal article, Original article A Successive Linear Relaxation Method for MINLPs with Multivariate Lipschitz Continuous Nonlinearities (2023) Grübel J, Krug R, Schmidt M, Wollner W Journal article, Original article Mobile-BAT—A Novel Ultra-Low Power Wildlife Tracking System (2023) Erhardt S, Koch M, Kiefer A, Veith M, Weigel R, Koelpin A Journal article Time-Domain Decomposition for Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Problems (2023) Hante FM, Krug R, Schmidt M Journal article Rhythm in World Englishes: Evidence from a quantitative analysis of co-occurrence patterns in a corpus of L1 and L2 varieties of English (2022) Hoffmann S, Arndt-Lappe S, Uhrig P Book chapter / Article in edited volumes On convex lower-level black-box constraints in bilevel optimization with an application to gas market models with chance constraints (2022) Heitsch H, Henrion R, Kleinert T, Schmidt M Journal article The cost of decoupling trade and transport in the European entry-exit gas market with linear physics modeling (2022) Boettger T, Grimm V, Kleinert T, Schmidt M Journal article Affinely Adjustable Robust Linear Complementarity Problems (2022) Biefel C, Liers F, Rolfes J, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article