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In-situ iron oxide particle size and shape evolution during the dissolution in oxalic acid (2024) Lausch M, Brockmann P, Schmitt F, Etzold BJ, Hussong J Journal article Medium-Level Architectures for Digital Twins: Bridging Conceptual Reference Architectures to Practical Implementation in Cloud, Edge and Cloud–Edge Deployments (2024) Fett M, Kraft M, Wilking F, Götz S, Wartzack S, Kirchner E Journal article Behavior of Lubricated Bearings in Electric Circuits (2024) Kirchner E, Bartz M, Becker-Dombrowsky F Journal article A Novel RNA Aptamer as Synthetic Inducer of DasR Controlled Transcription (2024) Vockenhuber MP, Hoetzel J, Maurer LM, Fröhlich P, Weiler S, Muller Y, Koeppl H, Suess B Journal article Hölder regularity for domains of fractional powers of elliptic operators with mixed boundary conditions (2024) Haller R, Meinlschmidt H, Rehberg J Unpublished / Preprint Deterministic K-Identification for MC Poisson Channel With Inter-Symbol Interference (2024) Salariseddigh MJ, Jamali V, Pereg U, Boche H, Deppe C, Schober R Journal article A Literature Review on the Development and Creation of Digital Twins, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Product-Service Systems (2023) Fett M, Wilking F, Götz S, Kirchner E, Wartzack S Journal article Large eddy simulation of OME3 and OME4 spray combustion under heavy-duty conditions (2023) Haspel P, Gierth S, Popp S, Scholtissek A, Rieß S, Wensing M, Hasse C Journal article The alteration of illite by Bad Nauheim and Gerolstein brine; Implications on fluid permeability in geothermal systems (2023) Götz E, Neder R, Kolb U, Kleebe HJ Journal article Separation of alkane isomers in a hierarchically structured 3D-printed porous carbon monolith (2023) Henrique A, Steldinger H, de Tuesta JL, Gläsel J, Rodrigues AE, Gomes HT, Etzold BJ, Silva JA Journal article