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Stochastic Chemical Reaction Networks for MAP Detection in Cellular Receivers (2023) Heinlein B, Brand L, Egan M, Schäfer M, Schober R, Lotter S Conference contribution Toward Interdisciplinary Synergies in Molecular Communications: Perspectives from Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, Communications Engineering and Philosophy of Science (2023) Egan M, Kuscu M, Barros MT, Booth M, Llopis-Lorente A, Magarini M, Martins D, et al. Journal article Eactors: Fast and flexible trusted computing using SGX (2018) Sartakov VA, Brenner S, Ben Mokhtar S, Bouchenak S, Thomas G, Kapitza R Conference contribution CYCLOSA: Decentralizing private web search through SGX-Based browser extensions (2018) Pires R, Goltzsche D, Ben Mokhtar S, Bouchenak S, Boutet A, Felber P, Pasin M, et al. Conference contribution Bond graph modeling and analysis of intermediary cooling system of a nuclear power plants (2018) Bentaleb T, Pham MT, Eberard D, Marquis-Favre W Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A catalyst platform for unique cationic (co)polymerization in aqueous emulsion (2015) Vasilenko IV, Yeong HY, Delgado M, Ouardad S, Peruch F, Voit B, Ganachaud F, Kostjuk SV Journal article Automated segmentation of ultrasonic volumetric data of composite materials (2015) Osman A, Hassler U, Kaftandjian V, Hornegger J Journal article An automated data processing method dedicated to 3D ultrasonic non destructive testing of composite pieces (2012) Osman A, Haßler U, Kaftandjian V, Hornegger J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution