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One-pot Synthesis of a Visible-light Responsive Carbon Nitride/TiO2 Heterointerface Material for Photoelectrocatalytic Applications (2024) Silva IF, Pulignani C, Odutola J, Galushchinskiy A, Texeira IF, Isaacs M, Mesa CA, et al. Unpublished / Preprint Standardized hierarchical adaptive Lp regression for noise robust focal epilepsy source reconstructions (2024) Lahtinen J, Koulouri A, Rampp S, Wellmer J, Wolters C, Pursiainen S Journal article Challenges in the adoption of sustainability information systems: A study on green IS in organizations (2024) Kirchner-Krath J, Morschheuser B, Sicevic N, Xi N, von Korflesch HF, Hamari J Journal article, Original article Gamification as a Catalyst to the Circular Economy (2023) Guillen Mandujano G, Riar M, Morschheuser B, Hamari J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Sensing Rotations with Multiplane Light Conversion (2023) Eriksson M, Goldberg AZ, Hiekkamäki M, Bouchard F, Rehacek J, Hradil Z, Leuchs G, et al. Journal article The prevalences and levels of occupational exposure to dusts and/or fibres (silica, asbestos and coal): A systematic review and meta-analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury (2023) Schlünssen V, Mandrioli D, Pega F, Momen NC, Ádám B, Chen W, Cohen RA, et al. Journal article Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Feature on the 6th Workshop on Molecular Communications (2023) Arjmandi H, Awan H, Tran H, Schäfer M, Haselmayr W, Noel A Journal article Designing tailored gamification: A mixed-methods study on expert perspectives and user behavior in a gamified app for sustainability at work (2023) Kirchner-Krath J, Klock ACT, Morschheuser B, Park S, Legaki Z, von Korflesch HF, Hamari J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Celebrating Optical Glass - the International Year of Glass (2022): feature issue introduction (2022) Ballato J, Fotheringham U, Hubert M, Nolte S, Petit L, Richardson KA Journal article, Review article Influence of Phosphate on Network Connectivity and Glass Transition in Highly Polymerized Aluminosilicate Glasses (2022) Grammes T, de Ligny D, Scheffler F, Nizamutdinova A, Wu''Llen LV, Kamitsos EI, Massera J, Brauer DS Journal article
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