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Bayesian analysis of biodiversity patterns via beam trawl versus video transect—a comparative case study of Svalbard rhodolith beds (2024) Straube E, Neumann H, Wisshak M, Mathes G, Teichert S Journal article, Original article Offshoring and job polarisation between firms (2024) Egger H, Kreickemeier U, Moser C, Wrona J Journal article Enhancing the lifetime and vacuum tribological performance of PVD-MoS2 coatings by nitrogen modification (2024) Seynstahl A, Köbrich M, Rosnitschek T, Göken M, Tremmel S Journal article Recycling of perfluorosulfonic acid-based membranes and their Re-application in PEM fuel cells (2024) Kutter M, Greve C, Maier M, Schilling M, Mauel A, Hilgert A, Hoffmann H, et al. Journal article Assessing Cytotoxicity, Endotoxicity, and Blood Compatibility of Nanoscale Iron Oxide Magnetosomes for Biomedical Applications (2024) Mickoleit F, Pfister F, Friedrich B, Markert S, Kerpes A, Janko C, Lyer S, et al. Journal article Additional comments regarding the main article and the comment of “Pilger and Ceranna: The influence of periodic wind turbine noise on infrasound array measurements” (JSV, Vol. 388, pp. 188–200, 2017) (2024) Holzheu S, Hundhausen M Journal article Perfusable Tissue Bioprinted into a 3D-Printed Tailored Bioreactor System (2024) Gensler M, Malkmus C, Ockermann P, Möllmann M, Hahn L, Salehi S, Luxenhofer R, et al. Journal article Germany’s 2022 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents (2024) Demetriou Y, Beck F, Sturm DJ, Abu-Omar K, Forberger S, Hebestreit A, Hohmann A, et al. Journal article, Review article Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method with mixed-order spaces for non-linear diffusion equations with internal jumps (2023) Musch M, Rupp A, Aizinger V, Knabner P Journal article Discontinuous Galerkin method for the shallow water equations on complex domains using masked block-structured grids (2023) Faghih-Naini S, Kuckuk S, Zint D, Kemmler S, Köstler H, Aizinger V Journal article