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Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile (CL) CL

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ROR: https://ror.org/04teye511

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Global minimization of polynomial integral functionals (2024) Fantuzzi G, Fuentes F Unpublished / Preprint Biotribological behavior of ta-C coatings for load-bearing implants (2023) Rothammer B, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Weihnacht V, Marian M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Lubrication Mechanisms in Knee Joint Replacements: A Comprehensive Experimental Investigation (2023) Nečas D, Vrbka M, Marian M, Rothammer B, Gallo J, Wimmer MA, Křupka I, Hartl M Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster The first Miocene fossils from coastal woodlands in the southern East African Rift (2023) Bobe R, Aldeias V, Alemseged Z, Anemone RL, Archer W, Aumaître G, Bamford MK, et al. Journal article Amorphous carbon coatings for total knee arthroplasty – a knee simulator evaluation (2023) Neusser K, Marian M, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Rothammer B Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Combining multi-scale surface texturing and DLC coatings for improved tribological performance of 3D printed polymers (2023) Marian M, Zambrano D, Rothammer B, Waltenberger V, Boidi G, Krapf A, Merle B, et al. Journal article Biotribological behavior of MXene-UHMWPE composites (2023) Marian M, Feile K, Rothammer B, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Rosenkranz A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Subject-specific tribo-contact conditions in total knee replacements: a simulation framework across scales (2023) Rothammer B, Wolf A, Winkler A, Schulte-Hubbert F, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Miehling J, Marian M Journal article Evaluation of the Wear-Resistance of DLC-Coated Hard-on-Soft Pairings for Biomedical Applications (2023) Rothammer B, Neusser K, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Schubert A, Marian M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Experimental study on the tribological behavior of ceramic disks for application inmixer taps under different lubrication conditions (2023) Ziegler M, Rothammer B, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Beau P, Patzer G, Henzler S, Marian M Journal article, Original article