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Location: Bari, Italy (IT) IT

ISNI: 0000000105785482

ROR: https://ror.org/03c44v465

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Control of Hyperbolic and Parabolic Equations on Networks and Singular limits (2024) Bárcena-Petisco JA, Cavalcante M, Coclite GM, De Nitti N, Zuazua Iriondo E Unpublished / Preprint Exponential convergence to steady-states for trajectories of a damped dynamical system modelling adhesive strings (2024) Coclite GM, De Nitti N, Maddalena F, Orlando G, Zuazua Iriondo E Unpublished / Preprint A general result on the approximation of local conservation laws by nonlocal conservation laws: The singular limit problem for exponential kernels (2023) Coclite GM, Coron JM, De Nitti N, Keimer A, Pflug L Journal article On existence and uniqueness of weak solutions to nonlocal conservation laws with BV kernels (2022) Coclite GM, De Nitti N, Keimer A, Pflug L Journal article Singular limits with vanishing viscosity for nonlocal conservation laws (2021) Coclite GM, De Nitti N, Keimer A, Pflug L Journal article Correction to: Impact on granular bed: validation of discrete element modeling results by means of two-dimensional finite element analysis (Granular Matter, (2020), 22, 1, (27), 10.1007/s10035-019-0988-1) (2021) Marzulli V, Cisneros LAT, Di Lernia A, Windows-Yule CRK, Cafaro F, Pöschel T Journal article, Erratum First Fermi-LAT Solar Flare Catalog (2021) Ajello M, Baldini L, Bastieri D, Bellazzini R, Berretta A, Bissaldi E, Blandford RD, et al. Journal article High-energy emission from a magnetar giant flare in the Sculptor galaxy (2021) Ajello M, Atwood WB, Axelsson M, Baldini L, Barbiellini G, Baring MG, Bastieri D, et al. Journal article Scale and water effects on the friction angles of two granular soils with different roughness (2021) Marzulli V, Sandeep CS, Senetakis K, Cafaro F, Pöschel T Journal article Influence of the production technology on kefir characteristics: Evaluation of microbiological aspects and profiling of phosphopeptides by LC-ESI-QTOF-MS/MS (2020) Savastano ML, Pati S, Bevilacqua A, Corbo MR, Rizzuti A, Pischetsrieder M, Losito I Journal article, Original article