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A Review and Tutorial on Machine Learning- Enabled Radar-Based Biomedical Monitoring (2024) Krauß D, Engel L, Ott T, Bräunig J, Richer R, Gambietz M, Albrecht N, et al. Journal article Comparing open-source DEM frameworks for simulations of common bulk processes (2024) Dosta M, Andre D, Angelidakis V, Caulk RA, Celigueta MA, Chareyre B, Dietiker JF, et al. Journal article Automated Radar Data Labeling using MoveNet for Human Gesture Recognition (2024) Maiwald T, Gabsteiger J, Weigel R, Lurz F Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Deep Learning-based Person Detection on a Moving Robot (2024) Gabsteiger J, Maiwald T, Kurin T, Dorn C, Weigel R, Lurz F Conference contribution, Conference Contribution High-Accuracy True Speed-Over-Ground Measurement Approaches for Rail Vehicles: Comparison of Highly Accurate State of the Art True Speed-Over-Ground Measurement Approaches for Rail Vehicles (2023) Reißland T, Weigel R, Koelpin A, Lurz F Journal article Contactless Heart Rate Estimation using a 61 GHz Continuous-Wave Radar (2023) Krauß D, Richer R, Albrecht NC, Küderle A, Abel L, Leutheuser H, Jukic J, et al. Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster Thread-Level Attack-Surface Reduction (2023) Rommel F, Dietrich C, Ziegler A, Ostapyshyn I, Lohmann D Conference contribution Mobile-BAT—A Novel Ultra-Low Power Wildlife Tracking System (2023) Erhardt S, Koch M, Kiefer A, Veith M, Weigel R, Koelpin A Journal article Sensor Fusion for the Robust Detection of Facial Regions of Neonates Using Neural Networks (2023) Gleichauf J, Hennemann L, Fahlbusch F, Hofmann O, Niebler C, Koelpin A Journal article A Direction-of-Arrival Estimation System for UAV-Assisted Search and Rescue: Locating Mobile Phones to Improve the Survival Chance of Disaster Victims (2023) Depold A, Dorn C, Erhardt S, Weigel R, Lurz F Journal article