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Optimal control approach for moving bottom detection in one-dimensional shallow waters by surface measurements (2024) Lecaros R, Lopez-Rios J, Montecinos J, Zuazua Iriondo E Unpublished / Preprint Numerical and experimental investigation of irradiance profiles on suspended particles in a flat disk photoreactor for hydrogen generation (2023) Núnez F. A, Vial R, Evensen C, Munoz-Herrera C, Díaz R. L, Jovicic V, Delgado A, Toledo M Journal article On Carbon Tax Effectiveness in Inducing a Clean Technology Transition: An Evaluation Based on Optimal Strategic Capacity Planning (2023) Wolf N, Escalona P, López-Campos M, Angulo A, Weston J Journal article Hollow spheres as inert packed bed from lean to rich combustion in porous media (2022) Fierro M, Gutierrez C, Jovicic V, Toledo M Journal article AVERAGED TURNPIKE PROPERTY FOR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH RANDOM CONSTANT COEFFICIENTS (2022) Hernández Salinas M, Lecaros R, Zamorano S Journal article Leader-Follower Dynamics for Diffusion-based Molecular Communication (2021) Gomez JT, Wicke W, Toledo K, Schober R, Dressler F Conference contribution An analytical solution to the dispersion-by-inversion problem in magnetic resonance elastography (2020) Mura J, Schrank F, Sack I Journal article Experimental and numerical analysis of the heat transfer in a packed bed exposed to the high thermal radiation flux (2019) Ruiz G, Ripoll N, Fedorova N, Zbogar-Rasic A, Jovicic V, Delgado A, Toledo M Journal article Syngas production from waste tires using a hybrid filtration reactor under different gasifier agents (2018) Toledo Torres M, Ripoll N, Céspedes J, Zbogar-Rasic A, Fedorova N, Jovicic V, Delgado A Journal article Experimental Investigation of Solid Fuel Combustion Process in a Hybrid Porous Reactor (2017) Jovicic V, Fedorova N, Zbogar-Rasic A, Toledo Torres M, Delgado A Journal article