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Phosphorus cycling during the Hirnantian glaciation (2024) Müller J, Joachimski M, Lehnert O, Männik P, Sun Y Journal article The Future of Gas (2023) Richel A, Vladikova D, Peneva TM, Duic N, Kalogirou S, Papanicolas CN, Hamburg A, et al. Other publication type The record of early Silurian climate changes from South China and Baltica based on integrated conodont biostratigraphy and isotope chemostratigraphy (2022) Yan G, Lehnert O, Männik P, Calner M, Luan X, Gong F, Li L, et al. Journal article Climate changes in the pre-Hirnantian Late Ordovician based on δ18Ophos studies from Estonia (2021) Männik P, Lehnert O, Nõlvak J, Joachimski M Journal article The Mid-Ludfordian (late Silurian) Glaciation: a link with global changes in ocean chemistry and ecosystem overturns (2021) Frýda J, Lehnert O, Joachimski M, Männik P, Kubajko M, Mergl M, Farkaš J, Frýdová B Journal article Data Sharing Under the General Data Protection Regulation: Time to Harmonize Law and Research Ethics? (2021) Vlahou A, Hallinan D, Apweiler R, Argiles A, Beige J, Benigni A, Bischoff R, et al. Journal article Revision of thelodonts, acanthodians, conodonts, and the depositional environments in the Burgen outlier (Ludlow, Silurian) of Gotland, Sweden (2021) Jarochowska E, Bremer O, Yiu A, Märss T, Blom H, Mörs T, Vajda V Journal article, Original article Phase Transformations in Porous Materials Studied by in Situ Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and in Situ X-ray Diffraction (2020) Paula C, Wisser D, Rangus M, Schwieger W, Hovestadt M, Kriesten M, Vanatalu K, et al. Journal article ETSI SmartBAN Architecture: The Global Vision for Smart Body Area Networks (2020) Hamalainen M, Mucchi L, Girod-Genet M, Paso T, Farserotu J, Tanaka H, Anzai D, et al. Journal article Vertebrate remains and conodonts in the upper Silurian Hamra and Sundre formations of Gotland, Sweden (2019) Bremer O, Jarochowska E, Märss T Journal article, Original article
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